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Dust Of The Feet Of The Guru


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It has more than one interpretations based on one state of mind/spiritual development stage of a seeker eg-

Stage 1- Literally mind at the dust of feet (palki) of guru sahiban- always hazaar nazaar in sargun saroop of sri guru granth sahib ji hazoori for seva

Stage 2- Mind Always at the dust of feet of shabad guru- naturally perceived as surti(one intuiation/consciouness) always in dust feet (metaphorically pointing towards) shabad for eg- shabad guru surat dhun chela.

Stage 3- Mind always at the dust of feet of guru- shabad guru gyan/knowledge, guru in this stage is perceived as universal pure consciousness awareness, mind always in dust feet of guru - universal pure consciousness awareness

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It is a well known statement to the mankind, the following words: Dust of the Feet of the Saints, this expression is also mentioned in the Bani.

Means, we bow our head to that being, in whose presence we feel and know, that we are nothing....

It shows a great reverence and respect to whom we considere the embodiment of True wisdom.

People bow to others for various reasons, be it be parents, gurus, bosses, etc.

But according to the Bani, the meaning of applying the Dust of the Saints(hum Santan kee raein pyaree, hum Santan kee sarnaa), to one´s forehead, is keeping their teachings in mind at all times.

Because by applying that Dust, their teachings, one´s face becomes radiant. Means, one is filled with the divine light which we all carry within us, but, that Jot, that Prakash, that Divine Light of Akal Purukh, appears in us.

That appearing of Light, does not mean, that Light is not there now because we do not see it yet, but we do not see it, because we are impure with a heavy load of sins upon us, but by applying that Dust on our faces and foreheads, means as said before, is to keep their teachings in mind at all times.

This practice has 2 main advantages for the souls.

First, it stops us from creating sins, and secondly at the same time, it washes our previous sins.

So naturally, as the mirror of our dirty muddy mind gets purified or cleansed, that Divine Light comes forth, by the darkness getting dispelled.

Such is the mahanta of the Gurmukhs.

Now the question is, what is the essence of the teachings of our Guru Sahibans, in simple words?

That is : Saas Saas Simroh Gobind.

By meditating on that Gobind, through the Simran of His Name, He Himself comes to abide Himself in us.

This, Their(Gurmukhs) "charan dhoor"(Gurmat), is thus available to anybody, at any time and any place... we just need to apply this jugtee, free and available to all, without any restriction or discrimination...it is universal for all.

My God, can we ever imagine the real measure of the blessings that we have received from our Gurus, through their Bani?

Its beauty, its sweetness is beyond any description, or even imagination.

We can only say: Wah wah Sachay Patshah

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