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  1. Can Naam Simran Help In Curing Diseases/problems? Well, so to say to an extent Nam simran does cure diseases.... Having said that, what is the biggest disesase that one has? It is being born from a mother´s womb. So in a way, Nam simran does cure us from this disease for once and ever. The birth is the mother of all other troubles and problems, and having cured this mother disease, all others simply never have a chance to arise. This the great and supreme importance of Nam simran, it attaches our surtee to that ultimate and highest Truth, namely Satnam which is by itself ajoonee. Thus we to become ajoonee and deathless, for we merge into Him, who is far beyond and above births, deaths, and any trace of Maya. We should not forget, that uniting with him is the only purpose of Nam simran, it also purifies us to the extent that we do not incurr in any significant karmas which may pull us back into the mayavee creation, and at the same time give us the enough strength to face bravely the karmas in our destiny store, and also with the water of His apaar kirpa, wash away our limitless stock of karmas which we have been collecting since we stepped into the mayavee creation, with the agravant of addding more and more karmas in each birth without having cleared even 1% of the already previous karmas. The law of karmas works in this way: We do come in each birth with X amount of karmas, yet we may add Y amount of karmas in that birth, or settle the karmas in that human birth, and with the kirpa of Nam simran, as said above minimize incurring in siginificant karmas, thus cut off for once and ever our karmic ties in this alien mayavee land, and go back to our Nijh Ghar in Sach Khand. Stay blessed. SSA
  2. What a contradiction in the mesage above, of the messengers/prophets of all those dharmas; where it somehow says to respect and treat others as you would want others to behave with you. But the reality in the world is : eliminate anyone who does not believe or think like you.... Shame on mankind....stupidity has no limits, then too they foolishly say: we are religious ... What a bad joke.
  3. Brother PCSJZ, just sharing my own views towards your queries, and please do not feel sorry for asking any questions there is absolutely nothing wrong in them, as I said they are normal to an extent, as we are all seekers, struggling souls in finding our way towards Him. 1) I follow what you say, but please bear in mind, that from our actual position/level, we are only seeing the present condition of the people, which is very much limited, we know nothing of the past of these jeevas/souls. Maybe, that person which is not worthy in our eyes now, but has come in contact with a Gurmukh, has a lesser amount of karmas to be cleared off in this very birth, but, it is up to us, if we colaborate with the Gurmukh and make his task easy, so that he can gently hold us by the hand and take us back with him, or, we can be nuaghty and pay no attention, thus he may have to pull us from the ear, which we may dislike, but it is up to us how attentive and starightforward we are, because in any case as said in my post above, by all means that gurmukh will take that particular jeeva with him in the jahaaz of Nam, for it has been so ordered by Him. So to say fair or unfair, that is a very relative and a limited perspective of ours, for if we could arise within ourselves and see how the law of karama is working throughout the creation we would never say this or that, but of course we have to reach that avastha, and for the time being, trying to assimilate that whatever happens, is according to the perfect law of action and reaction, and also His grace. 2) Please do not be disheartened at all. All and everyone can meet Waheguru, if only the right devotion is performed as per Gurbani, which is none other than Nam bhakti. The gurmukh is not something limited to the physical, he is very much spiritual of the highest avastha, and aware of whatever is going around here and anywhere with everyone and all, yet he very much respects the laws of Nature by not interfereing and modifying them, for he stays in His Bhaana at all times, and then also he has his own ways in calling and cleaning any jeeva under his responsibilty to be brought back Home. Having said that, one thing I can assure you is that, if that person who is worthy or good according to you, but is not in conatact with the gurmukh, yet he is a good human being and has love and longing for Waheguru, and keeps the company of the gurmukh by listening to his discourses here and there, and also having his purifying darshans, all that is added to the credit of the sikh/seeker, thus in the coming births, will surely bear its fruits, of being under the shelter of a gurmukh of that time.... so nothing, or no effort of wanting and going towards Waheguru ever goes in waste. We must have faith and love at the lotus feet of Waheguru, that is important, rest He will take care of. It is more to Waheguru, who pulls us from within towards Himself, than we moorakhs and manmukhs wanting to go back to Him. Stay blessed. SSA.
  4. SSA PCSJZ Jee, do not worry for your queries, for as long as they are sincere as a seeker and have no malice in them, they are but just normal. Gurmukhs or Sant Janas, just do not randomly pull those "particular souls" and put them on the right tracks just like that, it is by His hukum that He comes for those souls. Gurbani beautifully refers to those souls as wadbhagee jeevas. Bhoolay marag jinaay bataaya, aisa Gur wadbhagee paaya. Those astrayed, who are shown the correct path, with great good fortune meet the Guru. Or as seen at other place in words of Third Patshahee: Dhanaasree mehlaa 3. satgur bhaytay poorai bhaag. But by perfect destiny, they meet the True Guru; For example in the Bible also, Christ a saint of high avasthaa says: I have come to collect the marked sheep by my Father. At other palce he says: my sheep will hear my whistle and come to me. Christ was mystic, so in the above sentence we should not take the words literally as sheep or whistle, but see to what he really refers to In both the examples above, this is quite true, for as we all know, Fourth and Fifth Patshahees were Akal Purukh in human form, and were father and brother to the wicked Prithi Chand, who lived under the same roof and had Their darshan as much as any sikh disciple would desire, yet, as he was not meant to come out of the net of Maya, he continued with his ignorance and wickedness and incuring in bad karam. So you see, many a times we may have a gurmukh as our neighbour, in the same village or state or country, but if one is not meant for the time being, one will never believe in that gurmukh. People do mistake Vishnu avatars as equal for Guru Sahiban, Gurmukhs, Bhagat Janas or Sant Janas, as forms of Akal Purukh. There is huge difference among them. Vishnu avatars come to restore dharam on earth, and fight the tyranny, and through devotion take their devotees at most to the realm of Baikunth or Swarg. While, Guru Sahiban or Bhagat Jan, come to set free from the mayavee creation for once and ever with the aid of Nam bhakti. Vishnu avatars display miraculous powers and have their spouses, weapons, or animals with them... a lot of variety of everything around them, which impress the mortal beings and thus worship them, and keep them entagled in jap, tap, poojas, patahs, pilgrimages, idol worship...etc On the other side, Guru Sahiban, come as ordinary human beings while they are the very essence Akal Purukh Himself, never ever display powers or claim to be something but call themselves as a sewadaar of everybody, such pure is their humility, and their main purpose is to only reunite the soul with Satnam, Waheguru, with the aid of Nam bhakti, and realize that Ultimate Truth nowhere outside, but within ourselves. If you pay attention to each verse in each Ang of the Bani, you will see only mahima of Nam the true creator, the Ultimate Truth. Following are some more beauti ful verses from the Bani which are related to your queries: Vin Naavai, Ko Mukath N Hoe But without the Name, no one is liberated Raag Gauri Guaarayree Guru Amar Das Kal Mehi Guramukh Outharas Paar In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, only the Gurmukhs cross over Raag Gauri Guaarayree Guru Amar Das Gur Parasaadhee, Milai Har Soee By Guru's Parsad of Nam, one meets the Lord. Raag Gauri Guru Amar Das har mandar sabday khojee-ai har naamo layho samaal. The Temple of the Lord is found through the Word of the Shabad; contemplate the Lord's Name. har mandar ayhu sareer hai, gi-aan ratan pargat ho-ay. This body is the Temple of the Lord, in which the jewel of spiritual wisdom is revealed Raag Prabhaatee Guru Amar Das SaaDhoo sang sikhaa-i-o naam. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the Naam is learned Raag Aasaa, Guru Arjun Dev Sant parsaad, japai har naa-o. By the Parsad of Nam of the Saints, one chants the Lord's Name. Raag Gwaarayaree, Guru Arjun Dev. Sant parsaad taray bhavjal, poorab likhi-aa paa-i-aa. By the Grace of the Saints, they cross over the terrifying world-ocean, and obtain their pre-ordained destiny Raag Bihagraa Guru Arjun Dev Naam a-ukhaDh, so-ee jan paavai. He alone receives the panacea, the medicine of the Naam, kar kirpaa jis aap divaavai. unto whom the Lord, in His Grace, bestows it. Raag Gauree Gwaarayree, Guru Arjun Dev naanak parabh karee kirpaa, pooraa satgur paa-i-aa. Nanak, God has granted His Grace, and I have found the Perfect True Guru Raag Ramkalee Guru Arjun Dev. Nanak, Sadh, Prabh, bhed nahee bahee Nanak proclaims, there is no difference between a Sadh, a Gurmukh and the one Lord Wahiguru. Sukhmani Sahib, Guru Arjrun Dev So you see, the teachings of Guru Sahiban, Gurmukhs and Bhagat Jan, are only relataed to our true spiritual nature as souls, and Waheguru, Nam or Shabad as our only origin in Sach Khand, there where only He one exists, no spouses, no children, no siblings, no cows, tigers, bulls, rats, lions or snakes, no roaming about in heavenly chariots etc .... etc .... etc .... One thing we must bear in mind and that is, though all this variety of creations, celestial beings, trinities, people exist, it is because of His hukum, thus we should respect everything created by Him and not enter into controversies or disputes with them, for if such is His hukum who can go against it? Though we may never ever understand it.... We do not even know our tuchh mind/pettiness, how can we ever understand His beant wadeeayee... As much as possible, our aim and attention should not be on what others are doing, but on ourselves, if we are living our lives as per the pure and paviter teachings of the Bani, for it is only by applying it practically in our daily lives, can we get His kirpa and thus cross the mahabhavsagar, not otherwise. About your question of Waheguru accepting you .... I would say, not only you but all of the infinte drops of jeev atmaas are very dear to Him. We see variety of people, or dharmas, of this and that, but He sees only His same Jot in all. It is only out of ignorance we get into controversies, but if we live accordingly to the teachings we will never get into disputes or quarrels, for our main concern will be on focusing and saving ourselves, each jeev atma has chalked destiny to fulfill due to their own past karam. Also, you can just pray to Him to bless you with His kirpa and let you live and follow Gurabni as stated in it by our beloved Guru Sahiban and Bhagat Jan. To end this post today, I would like to end it with a beautiful verse from the Gurbani of First Patshahee : Eko Nam hukum hae Nanak Satgur dheea bujhaae jeeo. SSA.
  5. Q) Dearest Guru Jee, how to recognize His grace on someone, I mean, what are the signs of that His blessings? A) Indeed a avery good question my dear sikh, please listen carefully : ਜਿਸ ਨੋ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਕਰੇ ਗੁਰੁ ਮੇਲੇ ਸੋ ਹਰਿ ਹਰਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਸਮਾਲਿ ॥ Jis No Kirapaa Karae Gur Maelae So Har Har Naam Samaal || Those whom the Lord in His Mercy unites with the Guru, reflect(meditate) upon the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
  6. Q) Dear Guru Jee, after giving us the sat gyan through the Bani out of Your apaar grace, is there anything which You would like to tell me and give me as your parsad in simple words? A) Yes my dear sikh, leave everything aside if you want to meet and see me in my true Shabad roop within, faithfully keep in mind this my hukum at all times: ਏਕੋ ਨਾਮੁ ਹੁਕਮੁ ਹੈ ਨਾਨਕ ਸਤਿਗੁਰਿ ਦੀਆ ਬੁਝਾਇ ਜੀਉ ॥੫॥ Eaeko Naam Hukam Hai Naanak Sathigur Dheeaa Bujhaae Jeeo ||5|| The One Name is the Lord's Command; O Nanak, the True Guru has given me this understanding. ||5||
  7. Moving on does not mean forgetting.

    It means you choose happiness over hurt.


    Never search your happiness in others, for at some time or other it will make you feel alone.

    Search it within yourself there where the source of all happiness is : Waheguru, and you will be happy, even when left alone.

  8. Dhan Guru Nanak. Happy Gurpurab of Sree Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj to all humanity, avtaar of Akal Purukh. SSA.
  9. Dear Guest New to simran, He is the only doer, the one pulling all the strings, nothing happens without His hukum. If He wants, He can make even stones carry out His hukum. So Guest Jee, it is all His credit alone. He has mysterious and wonderous ways to bring jeev atmas to walk the path leading to Him. Ultimately, one has to leave everything and see Him alone in the horizons. He is only the beloved Sachay Patshaah, and we His lovers. Yes, we have to be good and helpful to all, as all carry His light, and as all of us are struggling souls in this mayevee creation, finding our way to go back to Him. It takes nothing to be kind and a helpful hand. Stay blessed. SSA.
  10. “The soul has been given it’s own ears to hear things (Shabad Dhun- Anhad Bani)the mind does not understand.”


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