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Guru Nanak B40 Janamsakhi And Islamic Commentaries

Genie Singh

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Here is an upload of a limited extract:


Here are some interesting islamic commentaries within it:

"Within the heart dwell Hasan, Hussain, and Mistress
Fatimah; within the heart is the [one, true] Maulana. 2." pg 5 of pdf upload above

Then Baba [Nanak]) taking alef, be, [and the other letters

of the alphabet in turn] recited the Tih Sipare.222


Alef: Remember Allah and banish indolence from your heart
If one draws breath without [remembering] the divine
Name life in this world is futile. 1

Be: Cast aside infidelity and follow the Shari'at.
Humble yourself before all ; speak ill of none.- pg 5 of pdf upload above

kaf: Hold in remembrance the kalima from which flow so many benefits. 55a

Never surrender, O Rukandi, to the carnal self and its lusts." 22.

lam: A curse be upon those who neglect the daily namaz.
[Thereby ] they dissipate whatever merit they may [previously] have earned. . 23.

mim: Have faith in Muhammad and in the four holy books.223
Have faith in the Prophet of God, [in Him] whose court
is highly exalted. 24.

223The kateb, the four so-called Semitic texts, or revealed scriptures of the Jews,
· Christians, and Muslims. The term may refer to the Qur'an alone. More
commonly it collectively designates the Torah, the· Zabur (the Psalms), the injil
(the Gospels), and the Qur'an. pg 7 of pdf upload above

This translated form of poetry is going through the arabic alphabet alef be etc.

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