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Benti - Prayer


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A humble prayer at the Lotus Feet of Wahiguru Jee:

Nam daan ab Satguru deejeh

Give the gift of Nam, O Satguru

Kal sataveh, swasaa cheejeh

Kal torments me, while my life is wearing away

Dukh pawat, mein nis din bhari

Having suffered deeply day and night

Gahee aye ab, aut Tumharee

I now take refuge in you

Tum saman, koee aur na Daata

There is no giver as generous as you

Mein balak, Tum pita aur mata

I am your child, you are my mother you are my Father

Moh ko dukhee, Aap kas dekho

I am perplexed when I consider

Yeh achraj mohe hoth parekho

how can you bear to see me, your own child in such pain

Mein hoon paapi,adam vikaree

I am a sinner, a degenerate

Bhoola chukaa, chin chin bharee

and time and again I ahve gone astray

Augun apne,kehan lag vernu

How can I describe my countless shorcomings

Meree budhee samjeh nahee marmu

My mind fails to understand the mystery

Tumree gati-mati, nek na janoo

I can not comprehend your status, your qualities

Apni mat anusar bakhanoo

I can only describe them from my own standpoint

Tum Samrath aur Anteryami

You are all powerful and all knowing

kya kya kahoo mein, Satgur Soami

What more can I say, Lord Satguru

Mauj karo, dukh anter haroh

Take away the anguish of my heart

Daya drishtee, ab moh pe dharo

Have a merciful glance now on on me

Mangoo Nam, na mangoo maan

So that I beg for Nam, not for the honour of the world

Jas janoh, tas deho mohe daan

Grant me this gift as and when you see fit

Mein atee deen, bikharee bukha

I am a poor beggar, distressed and downcast

Prem bhav nahee, sabh bidhee rukhaa

faithless and without love, dry and dust

Kaisay dogeh Nam amola

How will you ever find me ever worthy of your invaluable name

Mein apne kau, bhau bidh tola

I take a hard look at myself and wonder

Hoe nirash, sabar kar betha

Weary and despairing, I am now resigned to my lot

Par man dheeraj, dhareh na neka

but my mind is without peace, still hoping

Sahid kabhee, meher ho jaaveh

That grace may descend one day

Toh kahun, Nam nek miljaave

and I may receive the priceless nam

Bina meher, koee jatan na soojhey

Without Grace, no plans can materialize

Bakshish hoe, tabhee kuch bhoojey

Only with Grace, can I comprehend the mystery

Kinka Nam kareh mera kaaj

Only a particle of your Nam would fulfil the purpose of my life

Hey Satgur, tumko merre laaj

O Master, You are the protector of my honour

Abh toh man kar chuka pookar

Spent with praying, my heart cries out

Satguru, karoh udhaar

My Lord Satguru, deliver me from my bonds.

Saints, Gurmukhs, through their teachings, show us the reality of this perishable world, and create that type awareness in us, so that we may ask only the Lord, from the Lord, through the path of surrender, love and devotion at His Lotus feet.

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