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This Portray Our Knowledge Of History As Well As Current Happenings (Both A Illusion Of Mind)


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This portray our knowledge of history as well as current happenings (Isn't our Mind playing games we just go with it???)

Even tough I don't have any interest in politics of any country. But I was reading the following article under which the following line exactly explains all the debates related to history that are going on these days within sikhawareness website.

"The 2014 elections will allow more than 100 million young voters, or almost a seventh of the electorate, to vote for the first time. To them, the violence of 2002 belongs to the realm of argument and hearsay, not experience. Many are happy to take the avuncular “Modi Mach 2” at face value. And to his credit, he has plenty to say to them about their aspirations."

Taken from:


I think the above line (in general and not just for the said topic) exactly portray what we all have been doing in the name of history (which we've never experinced and at the same time which might be baised)

Moreover, what to say about the history when we don't even have proper senses to determine the current happenings. Everyone is dependent on someone's else knowledge (which may or may not be correct). Real knowledge comes from within.

e.g In the following article, it does list some real facts to ponder upon but who knows if this is right or the main stream media is right. Again, very hard to determine unless either one has the treasure of knowedge from Soul OR has direct experience in executing the plan.



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