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Soul And Guru's Guidance


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I've learned it the hard way but would like to bring to the notice of other fellow people.

How to differentiate between the genuine guidance provided by Soul or Guru or other Spiritual-beings (under the guidance of your Guru) VS the false guidance brought by Mind and/or Bad-karmas of ours.

  • Anything coming into our mind (in the shape of intitution) which involves emotions, urged to hurry to act immediately is NOT coming from Soul.
  • Soul goes step-by-step and does check our commitment.
  • If our free-will is compromised, then it is NOT coming from Soul.
  • Any idea from our Soul should arise quietly. e.g If we're trying to find an health instrument to buy and some-where in the back of mind (very faintly) said do NOT get this time. If something says, no you have to buy this for the sake of this and that; then it is NOT coming from Soul.
  • Soul's guidance comes with practice and patience.
  • If we don't have the capacity to buy anything but our so-called institution says go for it; then it is NOT from the Soul.

Bottom line is: Anything which involves with emotion, urgency, quickness involves either of the following: Mind's play, or Person's Bad-karma, or Person under entity possession. There are many times when one takes the Non-Soul's guidance to be intuition and suffer.

But always remember that anything which seemed to be bad happened to us is Good. Raab da bana mitha manna.

e.g suppose we prepare a rice-pudding (kheer) for offering but by mistake a tablespoon falls in kitchen sink or floor, then we might feel bad about that but here remember that to whom we were going to offer the pudding wants us to first feed the insects inside the kitchen drain and/or trash!! HIS ways are always different.

On the other hand, if the next time we prepare rice-pudding and intentionally pour a tablespoon in kitchen sink based upon the previous incidence, then it is NOT our Soul.

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