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Facts About Bhagat Singh Atheist


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some quick facts bhagat singh as a political prisoner had a journal and access to books

last book he read was lenin

bhagat singh inspired members of his family including his brother to embrace atheism

in his diary he talked about why he was an atheist many times

their is a picture of bhagat singh with hair but that pic is from the first time bhagat singh

went to prison

bhagat singh attended a arya samaj high school

bhai randhir singh claims to have met bhagat singh

but bhagat singh family claims bhagat singh remained an atheist and his diary confirms this

bhai randhir singh claims to have met bhagat singh on oct 5th but bhagat singh wasn't sentenced till oct 7th

in bhagat singh diary bhagat singh talks about how a religious man may die for human rights but they expect a reward from god and an atheist who dies for human rights does it in exchange for nothing since they do not believe in god

so bhagat singh was not driven by ego he was driven by human rights

but bhai randhir singh claim

most historical scholars claim bhagat singh was an atheist and their is no evidence that bhagat singh all of a had a sudden change of ideology

as well why would the british stop bhagat singh from being baptised if they had allowed him to be baptised he would of killed the momentum he had created amongst his atheist followers

and bhagat singh didn't cut his hair cause he was worried they wouldn't accept his patriotism he cut his hair cause he was a communist atheist along with his friends who had left the hindu faith to be atheist

their are conspiracy theories that the tooth fairy snuck into bhagat singh's jail behind the british and planted the diary their and that bhagat singh family who had normal meetings with him till march were all paid off to lie

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