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Indian Gov't Terrorism Against Sikhs

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the report is also critical of Bhindranwale and clearly holds him responsible for the Punjab violence. what do you have to say about THAT part of the report?

It does not clearly hold him responsible for the violence. It says as you posted, that he incited violence in the 1978 massacre.

There were many acts of violence before 1978, against Sikhs, it's no surprise that Bhindranwale rose to the bait.

Rise Of Bhindranwale

Bhindranwale informed the gathering that the Nirankaris were going to defame our religion. Immediately men, bare-headed and barefoot rushed to Ajit Nagar where the Nirankaris fired on them.


OK, but doesn't go against your deep hatred of the Sikhs by accepting that the nirankaris fired on the Sikhs? according to you and your guru kps gill, whom you fondly quote as the only truth, the Sikhs tried to kill gurbachan on stage, whereas they never got past the security cordon outside.

from the day you have plagued this forum, it's one thing then another, lies presented as truth as whenever it suits your agenda.

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The book for you information, has repeated the same old argument of how Bhindranwale got to where he was on hearsay. there is nothing substantive about the background to the situation and this is not what the book is about. The book is primarily a report on the widespread use of torture and terror perpetuated by the ravan govt in Panjab.

The books writings on Bhindranwale can easily be refuted, but the report on the oppression of Sikhs cannot have any political slant put on it.

If you want to read a book on Bhindranwales life, the book by Darshi, at least that guy spent a lot of time with Bhindranwale before writing about him.

Again, you present lies as truth.

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Denouncing a book for which you referred to! Part about Bhindran is hearsay and about Indian government pure facts.

I havent denounced any book, i respect this book for it's FACTUAL presentation of research it carried out itself. I do not agree with the section on Bhindranwale because it is not based on any research by this team.

are you trying to tell us that any book you read, you believe is 100% true or 100% false?

what a black and white world you live in.

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