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Shocking Move To Criminilize Non-Violent Protest

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I think he hit the nail on the head , its all about money , trades with other countries , economy


Your comments are so stupid , you dont even bother to read history properly , your just blinkered on whatever mission you have

for example if i posted

a) Arjan

B) Barry


D) Dick

you just concentrate on D) for Dick .... and thats what you have been doing.

Why you are afraid of Siki , its ideology , I dont know

Why Sikhi is posing a threat on you ...i dont know

You always have the snide remark ..

Let me add , wake up .... if your a 100% devout Hindu , practice it , share the goodness of it in Forums , lets all learn rather than focusing on things that dont matter , dont enhance you spiritual side

I know exactly what your response to this will be , this is how predictable you are.

Wake up , stop spreading hatred and false information.

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