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  1. I agree 100% it is wrong mindset , I have been to this Gurudawara in Jalandhar . The thing that shocked me the most was , when I went there the first time 7-8 yrs ago there must have been 20 plus Saroop of Sir Guru Granth Sahib Ji , all doing akand path sahib . I went there again this April ( still the same ) …. If you think of it from there perspective , theres nothing there in Punjab for the young and people who want to work. The leaders are corrupt , do get a job , they want bribes . So they turn to this , if some have had visas to go abroad for a better life by donating aeroplanes & doing ardas at the Gurudawara then a trend is set. The sad thing is the committee should put a stop to this and change their mindset ….
  2. Singh421 does it really matter ? I don't think so , religion is a personal journey one trying to make that connection with the almighty , cleanse one self . Its not about looking at whether x,y,z's journey . Allah is one of many names for the almighty , such as Waheguru, god , parmarthma , purmeshar , rahmeyeeah etc... In my opinion , you have to contemplate on whether you are feeling inner peace , inner bliss , inner love , for humanity when reading/listening to , trying to understand Gurbani and try to act on the teachings. Its very hard to do , so many distractions but one must try ...
  3. LOL!!! 41 isn't old .............. still young blood In my opinion , I would do a regular sport that you enjoy and eat right . Its all about eating right. For example , you may play football once or twice a week , and that requires a level of fitness ( so your aim would be to stay fit , stamina wise and muscle development ) do Cardio work , exercise bike , pressups , squats which require no weights . Warming up is key 1. do jumping jacks where you spread your legs and clap your hands over your head with stretched arms. Good for warming up the full-body 2.alternate toe touches standing up , where finger tips touch alternate toes. Good for warming up back , buttock and hamstring 3. Squats , good for warming up quads,hamstring and buttock 4. pressups good for pecs.deltoids,triceps, and upper back 5. seated stretches where your aim is to touch your toes alternately good for hamstrings,groin,spine , back and buttocks 6.thigh stretch , hold foot and pull towards the bum , ( stretches thighs) good for quads and thighs can start with doing 10 reps then increase slowly to say 20-25. Its recommended 10-15 mins warm , its very hard to do but something is better than nothing hey !!!LOL Obviously older you get , its harder to build muscle and more prone to injury so stretching is crucial before and after training . Its hard to do and is easily missed . If going for weights , i.e. benchpress, squats , biceps, legs etc... focus more on technique and with light weight don't go or increase weight until you can comfortably do 12-14 reps for about 6 weeks. Then increase slowly. Your body will tell you if you are straining or easily doing the weights , then act accordingly. I would advise not to lift too much heavy weights. Do compound exercises as a must i.e. squats , deadlift .. Theres plenty of stuff on the internet giving you tips and techniques. Obviously body needs rest so train Monday , rest , train weds, rest , train fri, rest .... I believe 80 percent is what you eat , let me add I am no fanatic or an expert just some views I thought I share and if you like them take on board otherwise just disgard them , but the biggest hurdle is starting it , whatever you want to do , start it and stick at it ....... it will take time and you'll notice the benefits .... Next time you know it you'll be 51 but feel like a 21 year old. Good luck HTH
  4. I dont think you are reading my posts veer ji , why would i want something that is damaging Sikhi ? Do you want Sikhs fighting "Sikhs" or would you want a system in place where someone falsely preaching Sikhi , is punished accordingly via proper methods. We need to educate these people first have dialogue with them ,we need to keep on knocking at their door however long it takes. If they never enter into a dialogue , then doesnt that mean we need to change our system somehow . The fact that we dont have a solid leader , these things will keep on happening . Do we just judge and leave it their ?
  5. boy !!! you are one angry dude bro ....... bash them on their heads be done with it is that better What is that way ? I try not to judge anyone bro.( i have millions of faults , who am i to judge ..no one ) Its not about supporting one or not . He has some good and bad qualities. One question for you , if you have "someone" doing good for many years helped thousands of individuals , and recently he has made a turn and gone the opposite way. What do you do ? Ex-communicate him from the panth ? Make his name mud ? beat him up ? stop supporting him ? OR Try to have dialogue with him ? Send him facts as what he was doing good and now what he is doing wrong ? Do nothing leave him to his own devices ? I personally believe sikhi is about compassion , Guru maharaj says Sikhi sikhya gur vichar , lets do vichaar of the Gurus Shabad and learn. If none is the wiser then lets ask questions to those who are well educated in Sikhi , from the vichaar we can hopefully with Guru Maharaj jis kirpa take it on board and practice . If some are breaking the Kaum with false prichaar , then have dialogue with them . If they refuse to , then keep on trying until they do . Until we all follow the same rehyat maryda these things will keep on happening. Some vichaar will become argumentative , but then we must learn to walk away and then come back to it. If we feel so passionate about it , and dont want to damage the image of Sikhi by doing the wrong thing where Outsiders and even SIkhs are saying , who needs enemies when you got sikhs, they cant stop fighting amongst themselves. Sri Har mandir sahib , when the bafoons drew their Kirpans due to personal clashes between different parties , thats not right , that is in fact damaging Sikhi, breaking the Panth , stopping the youngsters taking Sikhi on board simply because we cant be mature enough to talk amicably. If Ranjit Singh Dhandriawala is doing wrong preechar , then dont bash him on his head immediately , he will go defensive straight away . We have to be more diplomatic if i say to you Chatanga1 your an idot , got no clue , you will probably reply back with a similar comment whereas if i said Chatanga1 you are one smart dude ,and good points can you explain x,y,z , you'll probably do that to the best of your ability. Probably gone off course , but anyway enough said
  6. Thats not what I asked. I wonder whether you really do read my posts. I asked you about dhadrianwalas silence on darshan's new form of amrit, and dhadrianwala staying with darshan rogis supporters on his recent tour of america. I'm wondering the same thing ITs completely wrong , hence the post stating to stop such issues the judgement, we need a proper governing body with power. A few videos here and there , attacking him etc.. probably wont stop him but ignite the fire even bigger. We cant stop an individual supporting or following x,y,or z , sooner or later he will become his own enemy and fall . How do you think this can be stopped ?
  7. In my opinion , there is no governing body that has power or authority to stop issues such , as Gurudawara owned halls used to serve meat/alcohol , wrong preaching of Gurbani etc.. Even though you have akaal takt , but we have right infrastructure but the wrong leaders , even then how can you enforce one to do the right thing ? I think especially here in the UK , we need a proper governed body where if a Gurudwara or individual in a Gurudawara is doing wrong deeds they are summoned to court. In the court full facts / evidence are provided to a panel who are well versed and practice Sikhi . Initial aim is to get them back on track based on the Sikh history , Gurbani . If they still fail to do the right thing , then necessary punishment is given i.e. community service , fixed penalty fines , jail sentences . So all the fake babeh , Sikhi bashers can be summoned to court if they don't follow Sikhi protocol. Our Gurus set up a brilliant system only if we knew how to use it. In the UK all gurudawaras have a charity status and have to abide by their rules. You submit to them your structure and all they do is make sure its done fairly , but have the power to summon individuals to court but don't really care if sikhi is being followed and practiced correctly and its the latter I think we need . Whats is your opinion ?
  8. I'm not not sure veer ji , and thats what we need to find out and find the truth and then we will be sure .
  9. Exactly my point , good job you are reading the posts veer ji Who are the some people ? How many times have they tried speaking to him ? On the facebook page , he also says if we all become parcharaks , learn to read Gurbani ourselves , do part ourselves rather than paying for it to be done . is that wrong ? Come on veer ji , theres always 2 sides to the story not just one. Is it because they are non the wiser ? Why only ban his Diwaans in Amritsar if he is doing false parchaar? Why not ban him every where ? I'll say it again , we need to be more compassionate,loving and caring and get to the truth. Its like my posts and your posts , you will go anti dhandrianwala , I will be neutral and try to understand why this is being done , some of his comments are probably wrong and should be rectified no issues with that , but we'll just keeping playing that tennis match.. but in fact it needs action , proper investigation , if he dont want to speak then is that it we just leave it , and base all the points on some videos. If at one point he was good and now according to you "his dera is nothing more than a cult now" Why? Have you every thought he could be hurting from inside , as your probably aware an assasination attempt was made on him last year , his close friend/colleague/follower was shot . Has any justice been done till date ? I'm not aware of any. Hence why i Keep saying , we need to get the full story with pyar before we make any judgement.
  10. Wow so many replies The videos are basically snippets as mentioned before , and his views be they right or wrong it doesnt matter , its like a tennis match , he says something , then the other one , back and forth . I'm not a fan of either or defending anyone , but pointing out Sikhi is about compassion , love , caring . As mentioned before if he has his own agenda ,anti Sikhi then he will surely pay for it ...... but if the truth needs to be established rather than snippets of videos they need to confront them face to face . By they I mean people who have Gian and knowledge are on the path themselves. If one refuses , do you stop there ... i dont think so, you have to keep knocking on their door , applying pressure until they do. If it can be done with tact, with pyar who wouldnt want to listen rather than just getting the boot in from the start. I'm all for the "truth" and not calling anyone liars . How many here have contacted Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwala about the causes stated in this thread ? How many here have written to him ? If this is causing problems in Sikhi , we need to stand up ourselves and educate the sangat , and then post our experiences with the one accused otherwise its just hear say. I still personally think its progaganda other intelligence forces are playing their part in breaking Sikhi. If a parcharak has been doing good for x many years , joining the sangat then why change all of a sudden , dont make any sense or unless its wahegurus hukam . For arguments sake , if he has dialogue with the sangat/Giani's then I think it needs to be done compassionately so that one realises the truth and makes a U-turn back and starts doing the good deeds again. Its very easy to break something but very hard to keep intact and its the latter we must focus on.
  11. Where is he saying this ? is this recorded anywhere ? As many , many years ago i went to couple of his diwaans in the UK , he was very good , simple to understand , motivational main focus , Attach to the Guru . I didnt judge his personal life , thats up to him what he does. My personal view is that there are many people who look like sikh but want sikhi to be abolished , he is not one of them . I think he has a good following and getting bigger , so some start to spread rumours to belittle someone having influence so to stop him/them in their tracks . They feel threatened and want to see their downfall.
  12. I dont understand your point veer ji . Someone trying to make a difference by telling "human kind" to do the right thing , read gurbani , do seva , read history etc... for many many years , has thousands of people attending his diwaans....... obviously according to some spreading malicious rumours this is a bad thing he is doing , outright unacceptable , how dare he try to put people on the right track , give them a sense of belief that almighty can be part of their lives . I still dont get it ( most likely i'm thick ) but why not confront him face to face ? I think it was last year where he was nearly killed but sadly his colleague was shot and died ..... why ? What was the outcome , was their any justice ? The recent incident where #FreeJaggiNow , UK citizen has been abducted by the Police , without any details ... i think we need to stand up and fight for these type of causes. If a parcharak has been doing good service for many years and theres a bit of controversy , ask the parcharak behind closed doors ( remember theres always 2 sides to a story ) We very easily put someone down without knowing the full facts and we dont realise how damaging this is . If for arguments sake he has his own personal agenda and is putting up a front , then only he will suffer at the end no one else .
  13. He also says , believe in Dhan Dhan Sri Guru granth sahib ji maharaj and no one else He also says get baptised and become a sikh and much more
  14. This is a complete joke The first video not showing the full context just snippets , they can edit anything nowadays and get people to believe anything Plus this is a good way of knocking someone down who is doing good for Sikhi We must wake up and judge for ourselves rather than videos like the above. This is all propaganda by some few individuals trying to put him down , as he is waking up the sangat Has anyone been to his diwans ? Ask him directly , if you have concerns i'm sure he will answer them. We have this problem , cant see someone in the kaum doing well , rumours are spread and be person defamed. Why ??? Why now ??? wHo is behind all of this ?? Have we ever thought about this ? If he is doing wrong , then he will have to suffer ..., sangat are not that stupid . Why do you think he has some many followers ?
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