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Sikh Temple President Murders Wife


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I cannot copy and paste

but google search surrey Sikh president charged with murder

apparently he beat her pretty badly and she passed away shortly after

Now if a Sikh girl is growing up in a house hold with domestic violence chances are extremely high she will grow up wear mini skirts have multiple boyfriends be it gora Punjabi kala muslim what ever

sociologist have talked about how women who grow up in situations with domestic violence are far far far more likely to be teen moms to be engaging in pre marital sex with multiple partners and to suffer low self esteem and this doesn't just apply to other communities if applies to Punjabis as well

though girls might not become teen moms cause they rather have an abortion it does lead to bad behaviours

just like how most porn stars and prostitutes were sexually abused as children and girls who are sexually abused grow up to hate men or to immorally sleep around cause since they were children they've held belief's their bad they asked for it and its what they deserve and its case with most women in porn industry

Sikh temple leader beat his wife

leadership in this community is horrible hence why Punjabis are losing it

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I read this post and was compelled to say something without offending anyone.

Before I became a sikh I had many friends that were sikhs. What I found very strange was that while the men were very talkative and high spirited their women were exactly the opposite. Wherever and whenever I visited my sikh friends I found the women were most submissive and the men controlled the scene. This pattern of attitudes I found very peculiar when this is not what Sikhism teaches. It has equality for both men and women so why would men still be so controlling? Slowly I started asking questions about this and I was told that it is not the religion that teaches Sikhs to behave like this but it is their culture. I was very confused and still am. My question is what is the Sikh culture?

I was born in a Christian family learning about Sikhism and its precepts. From what I learnt I realised that the teachings of the Sikh Gurus stopped lots of bad practices that were prevalent during their times and that is why it became a unique religion from other well known religions. I was so impressed by the teachings of the 10th Master particularly when he bestows equality to both men and women in Bana and Bani. So where is this cruelity originating from? Why are the Sikh men so violent towards their women? One of my friends told me that only the boys are encouraged to take the Amrit while the girls are not, can this be correct? Also I was told that one will not find many sikh girls in full Bana because they are not allowed to wear it and if a sikh girl decides to wear a turban she is mocked at and bullied by everyone at home or outside! It is only the boys that are allowed to wear the full Bana by their parents, what is this all about? Why has this religion become so male dominated when it is not suppose to be? Obviously if this carries on we will see more violence towards women emerging within the Sikh community, won't we?

The news is extremely appalling to say the least. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour whether one is a sikh or not, man or a woman!

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