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Post Your Dastaar (Any Style)


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Note: Admin Ji are we allowed to do this??


Being a dastaar tying Singhni... I am always interested in the different styles and even all the different types of dumalla etc. (I wish we had turban competition etc here as I think in its own way it's an art and is an expression of the person who ties it as they are all different) I also wish more females tied them...

I usually tie gol dastaar since it's fairly easy but if you can believe it, this photo was my very first attempt at tying a dumalla style. I had extra white material which was longer, and I use dumalla width anyway so I thought I'd give it a try... Its the same photo in my profile pic, but you can see it larger here. If I have completely messed up dumalla, then pls let me know :) I used 8 meters here... so its not very full... but overall I think I got the style / shape correct.

I am interested to see your dastaars! (You can blank out your face if you wish).


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