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Doing Serious Sadhana/tapasya At Home

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I recently came across this blog which I found helpful and inspirational. I was able to interpret in my own ways to help with Sikhi. So I thought I would share this and you can read on your own time. Its a long read but def worth it.

Some of the points that I liked was emphasis on setting a set time for sadhan, avoiding Tv and other external stimuli, carrying a japa for long hours, brahmacharya etc.

And reading the experiences of the blogger and his struggles was motivational too.


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Guest Geeta Chopra


i used to to be an avid follower of the serious sadhana blog as well. I wanted to check though are you still able to access the blog. It's a closed blog now and while I have sent emails to the author I am not getting any response, he had replied to my earlier mails so am not sure if my emails are getting to him. I am therefore looking to seek help from anyone who may still have access. Your help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Geeta, I am also having the same situation as yours with regards to the serious sadhna blog. I have sent several emails too but no response. I find it very strange that the blog has been closed or made private. Something doesnt seem right...

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Guest Shashank

Hi Geeta and Alok,

Finally I found someone who is also looking for Baba (Baba Tapasyanand ji). I also have emailed him many times recently but no response. not sure if he doing intense sadhana or tapas and is totally cut off from outside world. 

His blog is also having restricted access, may be for those who is doing some spiritual practise with him or if it is blocked for any other reason.

However I had an opportunity of met Baba once, when he vistied my house and blessed me with a japa mala and had dinner with us.

let us know if u get any info about Baba.

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Guest Utsav

How do i contact the author of the blog? I used to read the contents earlier from the blog, now it is unavailable. I wrote mails earlier but did not get any response.

Anyhow it is good to know that people are curious and aware. Let me know if anyone gets any kind of information. I am bookmarking this page and will keep looking now and then.


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Guest Arjun Subrahmanian

Oh my God, it's exactly the same situation with me. That blog was a rare gem and even though I had spoken several times with Baba T through email before, I can't reach him now through email. Anyway I'll keep a lookout on this page, in case someone gets in touch with him. I don't know if this information will be of any help, but on his other blog called Shivabalayogi Currents, I saw that his real name is Nick Black and he was in London. 

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