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How To Reconnect...please Help

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Hi, so I'm 24 years of age and at School. I come from a good sikh family, my father and grandmother in particular are very devoted. I don't cut my hair or drink but since I have been at school for the past few years, I feel like I have disconnected with Sikhi, I have got carried away with living my life, engrossed in my studies, friends and socialising. It didn't occur to me up until recently. I wouldn't say I've lost my faith, but I feel somewhat disengaged from it since I have been at school. I don't know how to reconnect, but I am desperate to. I have a thirst to learn more about Sikhi and practice it more, please help and guide me, WJKK WJKF.

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Thats great that you want to reconnect ...this happens with most of us ..nothing to worry about ..you can start with simran and Japji Sahib or any of the Baanis in Nitnem and then gradually move to Nitnem. In the beginning you will have to force yourself ..you will feel lazy and sleepy..in a few days you will be on track ..if you can get up early its good..since the silence can give you the focus. ..I keep going through this ..nothing to worry about .

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