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Australia Returned Baljinder Singh Died During Nishan Sahib Seva At Tanda

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Miani, Tanda – A pall of gloom descended at a Tanda village, Miani, on the eve of Bandi Chhor Diwas as 28 years old Baljinder Singh fell down from 60feet height trying to change the ‘chola’ sahib’ of the Nishan Sahib (cloth wrapped around the Nishan Sahib) in the village gurdwara.

According to sources, the mishap took place when one of the rusty iron wires, with which the Nishan Sahib was tied, got broken. His Uncle Jagtar Singh Billa, Head Granthi of Gurdwara Sahib Ranjit Singh and other members of Management Committee were present at the time of the horrible scene.

Baljinder Singh was immediately taken to Civil Hospital in Tanda where he was referred to Jalandhar hospital but he could not survive any longer there and died.


Baljinder Singh with his daughter Jujhar Kaur, 2 yrs old now

Gurdwara Head Granthi Ranjit Singh told that the Chola Sahib sewa is done every year a day after Bandi Chhor Diwas but this year Baljinder Singh offered to do this sewa on the day of Bandi Chhor Diwas itself. Inspite of the wire being rusty and very old, Baljinder Singh was in full spirits to do this sewa without any fear.

Baljinder Singh had recently gone to Australia on student visa in Australia. He was a very dedicated Sikh and has also participated in Panj Pyare Sewa at Sydney Gurdwara as well in the past.

Baljinder Singh has left his wife, who he got married to only three years back and a beautiful daughter Jujhar Kaur, 2 years old only. His mother had only died six months back due to cancer as well.

May Waheguru ji bless his departed soul and bless the family behind to bear his loss.

Source: http://singhstation.net/2014/10/australia-returned-baljinder-singh-died-nishan-sahib-seva-tanda/

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