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Sydney Sikhs To Hold Peaceful Protest Against Narendra Modi

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Local Australian Sikhs would protest in Sydney against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 17th November at Sydney Olympic Park. The main objectives behind the protest are to exercise Freedom of Speech against gross failure of minority human rights in India

By holding the rein of power in its hand through Modi, RSS has started the speedy campaign to wipe out the distinct identity of minority nationalities, RSS has appointed Vai Sudarshan Rav as a head of Indian Historical Research Institute to distort the history of minority nationalities and rewrite the Indian history in mythological way.

To destroy the ever existing universal ideology of Sikhs, RSS in leadership of Modi has infiltrated in Sikh religious, social and academic institutes, thereby Brahminical regime has grabbed the respiratory cord of Khalsa

Mohan Bhagwat and Pravin Togdia, repeatedly suggest and threat minority nationalities to adopt Hinduism and they are uttering Nadirshahi edict to leave the country if not bow to Brahminism

All Australians are requested to come on to participate in the peaceful protest against Modi to exercise the given responsibilities by our ancestors to show the true face of fake, deceptive ideology being led by Modi, so that coming history does not blame us as fugitive of our duties and coward.

Details are as follows:-

Venue: – Sydney Olympic park Date and time: – 17 November Monday 4:30PM – 8:00PM

Please contact:-

Balwinder Singh Gill: – 0403 500 855 Jaspal Singh: – 0412 959 766 Harminder Singh:- 0431 045 725

There will be buses from Glenwood and Revesby Gurdwaras at 4:30 pm.

Source: http://singhstation.net/2014/11/sydney-sikhs-hold-peaceful-protest-against-narendra-modi/

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