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What does "mahapursh" mean?


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By Sudhir Kundi

Mahapursh means a great man,

A righteous, enlightened being,

One who’s above the daily norms,

One who has ‘divine seeing’.

Because a table has legs,

Doesn’t mean that it can run,

You don’t become a Mahapursh,

Just because you are called one,

Being a Mahapursh is a way of living,

Not something you became once a week!

You’ll know when you’ve became one,

You’ll reach a spiritual peak.

When you’re tolerant and compassionate,

Full of love and no grudges are kept,

When you are content and undisturbed,

And have no desires except...

To make your master happy,

To make your master smile,

To serve all his creation,

And remember him all the while.

Enjoy each and every moment,

And thank God for all he’s done,

Live life in total surrender,

Then your life has truly begun.

Bless me to be a Mahapursh,

This is my prayer, this is my wish-

Until I’m not don’t call me Mahapursh,

I’m only Mahapursh-ish!

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By reading their lives tears come in my eyes automatically...they have infinte love towards guroo sahiban....They remember guroo's sahiban 24/7. They dont dream. They recite gurbani even if they are in sleep. Their eyes are soo filled with love that by lookin at them even satan's heart melt in seconds. They dont want no relationship with anyone else but guroo sahiban's and their words. They serve the guroo sahiban's and their bachan's like a murda(livin dead).

thats why it says in SGGS-

muradhaa hoe mureedh n galee(n) hovanaa||

Only by becoming dead in life, i.e. totally detached, and not through mere verbal jargon one can become a true disciple.

Bhai Gurdaas Ji

Vaars Bhai Gurdaas


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