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First of all i want to know do we have any celibates here?

.what are some tips to become celibate?

.what are its spiritual benefits?

.what are its side effects?

.some say celibacy makes you store more energy and is good for meditation while some doctors say celibacy makes you less of a man..and it weakens your sexual energy on ling term..please enlighten me on this topic

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It gives you more energy- both inner and outer energy.

Well known that professional athletes abstain days to weeks before games, power weight lifters and most commonly boxers try and abstain for weeks to months if they can.

I have also read some stuff that it also helps with inner spiritual energy. Kundalini awakening and spiritual ascension all become more powerful if one has abstained.

I've also read that amrit rass...ambrosial nectar..or 'soma' is also produced more likely if semen discharge is kept minimum to zero !

Sadly, some of us boys have a problem with increase in krodh the more we abstain...... maybe a punch-bag is a good investment ?

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