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Banaras Hindu University And Sikhs


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In December, 2005, the then President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, nominated the author of this article as the Member of the Court of BHU for a period of three years (2006-2008).

'The author of this article.." that means you, amar_jkp?

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Good Morning Amar,

Just I have curiosity about the Video talk by Historian and Professor of History, Sr Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon, on YouTube in which he has said about biparvaad of Brahmin Malviya,  means to take blessings of Sant Attar Singh ji for big donations from Punjab Maharajas, of Patiala, Jindal, Kapurthala etc. And nowadays,  he has said that  when he personally went to BHU, there is no name of Sant Attar Singh ji on the foundation stone.

Was this smartness of Brahman Malviya to see that no Sikh University comes up before his Hindu University. Also he was instrumental in setting up of Durgiana Mandir replica in the Holy city of Harimandir Sahib to bring a parallel Hindu temple at Amritsar.

Please admin give your impartial comments on this video. I am trying to attach this video, if not successful, please get it from YouTube and please comments what is the truth in all this. HISTORIAN HAS BROUGHT OUT THE FACTS AND ITS WE WHO HAVE TO JUDGE ITS CORRECTNESS.



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