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  1. Many times we say that this is not Sikh way its Bipranvad , can we discuss what is Bipranvad as per Gurmat.
  2. Now here i have to praise RSS but why SGPC is not doing this is also a question ? The best way to deal with Christian missinaries is by social work among poor people and also we need organisation which motivates Sikhs to marry Sikhs from different caste, Back bone of Christian missionaries is American funding and we should focus on converting Christians in America.
  3. Here comes the maha fudu bahman slave with his Rajput blah blah
  4. Doval was involved in operation Black Thunder not in Operation Blue Star . If India is involved in the massacre of Pakistani Childreen then expect this in India too . I pray that it should not happened but they will retaliate.
  5. Talked ? He has alredy got his beating and worst time for him has just begin . I want to know who were making this video, this happens in Navashehr Doaba College hostel room and i am not surprised he was provoked by punjabi hindus.
  6. Thousand of Sikh Children were killed by Hindus rioters.
  7. See your self what Hindu is doing https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=627547484037937
  8. Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is one of the oldest and topmost universities of India. A society with the name The Hindu University Society was registered on 15th December, 1911 for the establishment of the BHU. A large sum of money was required to set up this university. Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, a key member of the Hindu University Society, issued an appeal on 15th July, 1911 for donations of one crore of rupees. The Sikhs responded favourably to this appeal. When the Hindu University delegation visited Punjab cities, the Sikh Sangats warmly welcomed the delegation and made generous contr
  9. Harami means who we all know and in Punjab we have a koum who drink water of punjab but still are Hindi lovers . I would say again that this harami Hindi loving koum should move out from Punjab.
  10. The word “Hindu” is at least as old as Hindu Kush, the mountain range that separates Afghanistan from Pakistan (Indian subcontinent). Hindu Kush means killers of Hindus. Who were the people who named this mountain range as “killer of Hindu” and who were “Hindus”? To understand these questions we have to go back to the times of Indus Valley civilization. Before the conquest and destruction of Indus Valley civilization by the so-called Aryans (nomadic Caucasian tribes from central Asia) around 1500-2000 B.C., the Indian subcontinent was inhabited by various dark complexioned clans/ tribes (Advas
  11. Harjot Oberoi does not say why the Achaemenid Persians used the word Hindu to describe all people who lived on or beyond the river Sindhu or Indus. But both Jayaram and Goel assert that the Persians used the word Hindu because they mispronounced the word Shindu, as Hindu, due to phonetic difficulty. Further, they claim that the ancient name of the Indian-subcontinent was Bharta or Bhartavar and the religion of it people was eternal religion – “Snatana Dharma.” Notwithstanding the claims of these three authors, there is very little reliable information about the history of Indian subcontinent f
  12. What is the meaning of “Hindu”? In his column “Who is a Hindu? Who is not?” published in the India Tribune (September 28, 2002), Mr. Niranjan Shah made the assertion that like Jains and Buddhists, Sikhs are also Hindus. In my response, I pointed out that Guru Nanak rejected all the essentials of Hinduism; therefore, it is absurd to regard Sikhs as Hindus and Sikhism as a sect or an offshoot of Hinduism. Besides, I made brief comments on the meaning of the word Hindu. But the India Tribune editor published only a small portion of my response and omitted the bulk of the article and the comments
  13. Krishan Bishen refer to Krishna and Vishnu. There are various other names for vishnu namely Madhav, Vasudeva, Prabhu, Chatur Bhuj. The Mythology of the Hindus - http://books.google.co.in/books?id=SWcVAAAAYAAJ&pg=PR15&lpg=PR15&dq=bishen+in+mythology&source=bl&ots=E4K4MQZwOQ&sig=CeZ-cKz42TBmH4ZETsq8Wp_wgps&hl=en&ei=sQV1S4rzCoTGsQPR_KnLCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false What an idiot you are who doesn't know the name of your god Bishan is the name of Vishnu. 'Mai na ganeseh pritham manaoo
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