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What To Do About My Beard? It Doesn't Look Good.

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Yeah your beard look badass. It looks like Waris Ahluwalia's beard like Crystal said in the other thread.

You need to work on the shape though.

Usually water is enough for this. You said your hair is thin and wiry, sounds like my beard. Water will help keep the shape of it for hours.

What I would do is wet it and then take a comb. Start from the neck area and comb it up and out. It's a rolling/curling motion. Then use other hand to kinda hold it down.
Do this all along the jaw line, and bring in the stray hair into the curl.

Front view - Try to achieve a straight line from the side of your face all the way down.

Side view - Use the comb technique I mentioned to get rid of bend below the chin. Your beard should go from the lower lip straight down, rather than tucking into the chin.

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