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Milk Cleaning


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I assume its for the same reasons sevadars wash darbar sahib floor with milk-satkar and milk is known for its pavitarita/purity.

Not sure but another reason i would think they do it because milk is satogun padarath and satogun padarath are always known for its purity to wash things. I recall stories many singhs in past would use yugurt again-sato to wash their kesh in the past

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They use milk because the Christian whites have only made milk replacements due to their lack of milk, not superiority. We had this discussion last year about cleaning floor of darbar sahib with milk. The chemical cleaners would kill the fish and ruin the marble. The approximate 10 to 1 water milk ratio was also ignored by the ngo environmentalist posting it.

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This is why it is good the foreign thought is being opposed by the Indian population at large. In 1990s there was one ngo for every 2000 Indians now it is 200. However, 4500 were banned few weeks ago double that last week. And ten times that number yesterday. I am happy and glad that it took whites four centuries to gain foothold, seventy for us to kick them and now we are fighting back after being told for seventy years that we have no history or achievements.

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