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Indian Government Very Secretly Applied To Unesco World Heritage Committee In 2014

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All details are stated in the petition, but in summary for you:
Indian Government very secretly applied to UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2014 (last year) for Sri Harmandir Sahib to be recognised as a World Heritage site for tourism. (It is a sacred place of worship open to all, not a place of tourism!). Unesco are due to meet in June 2015 to decide on this. If World Heritage status is granted then this will mean Indian Government will have full control over Harmandir Sahib. Sikhs will no longer be able to renovate or make any changes or even do Kar Seva of the sarovar, etc without permission from Indian Government. Longer term implications are massive in that Indian Government could impose any restrictions on entry (or even charge a entrance fee) or even restrict how many people can do ishnaan in the sarovar etc. Now that this has come to light, we need to act urgently to stop this, by petition and making sure we alert our fellow Sikhs and Gurdwara Committees. Spread the message and get people to sign the online petition and any petitions at Gurdwaras. The Sikh channels are already providing coverage on this issue:-

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Please sign this petition especially if you agree and share with your network of friends. We, the Sikh / All Communities need to act on this urgently so please support this petition and urge others to, without delay:


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