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Sant Baba Makhan Singh jee (Sato ki Gali wale)

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Sant Baba Makhan Singh jee is the current head of DDT Amritsar. He was influenced by Srimaan Sant Baba Ishar Singh jee Maharaaj Nanaksar wale. This Taksaal is located at Sato ki Gali, Amritsar.

Please see the video below.

Some major highlights of his life:

These wanderings took him to Peelibheet- which was backward area in Uttar Pradesh at that time, inhabited by backward classes such as Jaats, Mehtar, Banjara, Satnami, Lubana, Sickligar etc. Using the native Hindi for propagation of his message he reminded them that they have their origins in Sikh religion and advised them to re-adopt their original religion. Due to his preaching,
about four thousand persons belonging to these castes reconverted to Sikhism.
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Mass Marriage Of Girls Of Poor Families

Dera has also arranged marriages enemas many times in order to reduce the expenses of bride’s families. Such group marriages of 700 girls of the community belonging to poor families have been arranged since 1984. Relevant information is kept as a record in the Dera. Furniture, Sewing machine, Utensils, two beddings, blankets and clothing’s for bride and bridegroom are given to newly wedded couples as a token gift by Sant Baba Makhan Singh ji at the time of marriage.
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Please see the video below. Dhan Baba jee.

Gurmat Vidyala

One Gurmat Vidyala is being run in the complex of Dera itself in Satto Wala Bazaar, Namak Mandi, and Amritsar. This is also a residential school where 55 students are residing at present. No payment is taken from these students. All the expenses are borne by Dera. Students learn Gurumukhi, Gurbani Path, Gurbani katha, Shabad Kirtan and Classical music (Instrumental)i.e. Harmonium, Tabla, Sarangi & Dadh along with traditional subjects they learn English language also. One Gurmat Vidyala is also running in U.P.

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(1) - http://bhaimanisingh.blogspot.ca/p/gurmat-vidyala.html

His kathas are on youtube.

Waheguru jee kaa Khalsa

Waheguru jee kee Fateh

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