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  1. Quote According to a research study published by the University Of New Mexico and Releaf App in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, cannabis flower may be effective in providing immediate relief for the symptoms of depression – a condition affecting roughly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S., and often leading to other ailments like cancer, substance use disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain. Unquote[1] [1] - UNM Study: Cannabis Is Effective In Treating Depression, Improving Mental Health (forbes.com) Bhul chuk maaf
  2. @dalsingh101 IMHO, devout Sikhs (due to the nature of our religion) will probably end up slightly to the left. Bhul chuk maaf
  3. That Dohra is talking about the "Fourth stage" (Turiya Pad or Brahamgyan Avastha). Essentially, those verses means that any person of any caste or race can read the stage of Brahamgyan. Bhul chuk maaf
  4. Amazing point. This word might include sinful activities, other than just Adultery or Fornication. Bhul chuk maaf
  5. The word "Kutha" can have multiple interpretations bro. And you probably already know how Extremist Lacto-Veggies are going to interpret that word. That is why, it is very important to use the word "Halalo". Bhul chuk maaf
  6. Sikhs, belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, have the option of getting married in the courts. Bhul chuk maaf
  7. It is good to use these words (4H's), especially Halalo. This word makes it very clear that the cardinal sin in Sikhi is consumption of Halal (or Kosher, as it is a bit related to Halal) meat. @GurjantGnostic Bhul chuk maaf
  8. There is a reference to Sikh and Sikhnee (Female) in Bhai Chaupa Singh Rehatnama, which probably implies that Marriage can only take place between a male and a female in a Gurudwara. But, we must also not force our values on everyone else (which includes Sehajdhari Sikhs). Gurparssad, more to come later. Bhul chuk maaf
  9. Sikhism is not violent or hostile towards LGBTQ+ community, but we must not encourage Homosexual behavior. Bhul chuk maaf
  10. Who was that guy? Can you briefly state his achievements? Bhul chuk maaf
  11. What do you mean by the above (highlighted text)? Don't most of the Nanaksariye Kirtaniye use Harmoniums? Most of the Nanaksariye Kirtaniye don't do Kirtan in the prescribed Raags (as per Gurbani). Isn't that true? Bhul chuk maaf
  12. Daas does not know whom who are talking about. Who is it? Maybe he can present his side of the story over here. Bhul chuk maaf
  13. Are you sure, all the Sakhis mentioned in this book are completely true? Bhul chuk maaf
  14. Do you know, how many troops did Hill Rajas had? Bhul chuk maaf
  15. Thanks for the reference. How many Maratha soldiers died in the same time period? Do you have any idea? Bhul chuk maaf
  16. Can you please provide a source for the above? Bhul chuk maaf
  17. @dalsingh101 Why not try the below supplement bro or any other other East Indian supplements? They might help you out. Buy Himalayan Organics Immunity Booster Vegetarian Capsules online– Distacart Bhul chuk maaf
  18. Akaaal. Great news that you have recovered bro. Keep taking care. Bhul chuk maaf
  19. Quote Do not use face masks labelled to contain graphene unless they are listed in the table below Unquote [1] [1] - Update: Graphene face masks by Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co. Ltd. can resume sale in Canada; Health Canada found no health risks of concern with these products - Recalls and safety alerts (healthycanadians.gc.ca) Bhul chuk maaf
  20. You probably already know this stuff bro. Sanatan Sikhi - Sikh Sampardas (sarbloh.info) Bhul chuk maaf
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