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Personal experiences with saints power


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Normal conditioned mind with some openness/receptivity will naturally be drawn to cosmic mind JOT (saint) if they are face to face or close by as neddle would automatically drawn to magnet. But these subtle notions/ drawing force are not usually noticed by seeker as seeker as conditioned self kicks in and hide feeling/sense-anubhav of it, and one cannot make much sense about that pull.

But here are some of many signs being in sangat of true saint (self realized cosmic mind-JOT saroop)-

- Nervousness


- Achal morat moment- thoughts automatically fall off - serene inner peace- achal mind (thoughtless-afor mind with pure awareness)

- Automatic jaap (jap of vahiguru)

- Divine insights

- Emotional de attachment (bairaag)

- Sheer emotions coming out 

- Moment of onenessss

- Satori moment for quick few sec- everything falls off , indentify fall off- one is merged in totality- quick satori moment (only few rare lucks one have quick glimpse of it).


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Continuing a bit forward with the topic of this thread, I would like to share a couple of lines from the Bani of Dhan Dhan Satguru Arjun Dev Maharaj in Raag Maaroo, where Guru Jee clearly points us, the supreme importance of Sant Jan in spiritual affairs:

Sant binaa mai thaa-o na ko-ee avar na soojhai jaavnaa.
Without the Saint, I have no place of rest at all; I cannot think of any other place to go.

Why does He tells us so? 

*Because any other place, is like remaining in darkness... Sant Jan are the embodiment of Akal Purukh, and with them we go back Home.

mohi nirgun ka-o ko-ay na raakhai Santaa sang samaavanaa.
I am unworthy, no one gives me sanctuary. But in the Society of the Saints, I merge in God.

Here He confirms that what is stated above, people all around look at my colour, race, dharam, age, gender, etc; but it is only in their company of Sant Jan, that they look at my soul alone as a spark particle of Wahiguru, thus they accept us, and bless us their grace and mercy as per Hukum of Wahiguru, and naturally then we reach Sach Khand and merge in Wahiguru.

*The Bani has all  answers for all our doubts or shortcomings, but mostly we hardly pay any attention to the Gems contained in It, and rather we just keep looking from a distance to the Jewel Box, when Wahiguru has kept the unlimited spiritual wealth of the Bani for us to take it and use it for ourselves and become Gurmukhs ....

But what do we manmukhs rather do? 

We say, no no, my people are collecting big, big stones, so let me do the same... who has seen the precious Gems and Rubies, we have no time for it...

Such a pity....

Hey Waheguru Daya ke Saagar, ik Ardas hae Aap ke aageh, kuch Meher  karoh jee apne is bandoh peh, kee Aap kee sachee bhakti kareh .....

Sat Sree Akal.

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