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Sikh Referendum 2020

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I just stumbled across the sikhs for justice site and saw the SIkh Referendum 2020. I am quite concerned that such a big step taken by some dedicated American Citizens has not made any mainstream Sikh media ( may be it has but i wasnt aware of it/ maybe they will campaign in the near future as the target is 2020 )

So Sangat ji , what do you think of the Sikh Referendum ( please see the attached doc for details , taken from the following sites ( sikhs for Justice , Panthic org) 

They require 5 million voters , again who will this be ?

Which party will stand up ?

What will the currency be ?

How will they lobby in Punjab to the normal "pend walla" 







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