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Incredibly powerful meditation with support of inherently present bhramgyan-truth force of destruction -parloa

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Just sharing an incredibly powerful insight in meditation just earlier today, hopefully it may help if anyone struggling with lot of thoughts in mind or conditioned mind keep coming back in meditation-

Consider bhramgyan-gyan of truth/bhram is inherently present in everyone and every moment with that kind perception, sit in meditation feel all mind thoughts, one conditioned self (personal egoic self- sense of beingness- conditioned I), body, mind is been swallowed alive/eaten alive by fire -destructive force of bhramgyan-truth (known as bhramgyan parloa), keep repeating this felt sense until surat (consciousness) gets spontaneously automatically drawn to - what remains ? Only truth pure bhram- awareness -JOT Abide there, you will feel your true sense of our undivided atma (pure jot- knowledge of knowledge/ pure awareness of awareness).

Personally speaking, this is incredibly powerful meditaiton.. intensity was too much i had to get up after 30 minutes after i felt mind is going to blow. If it helps you can also use the video below and use rain as cleansing of surat - consciousness thunder/ howling wind as pointer towards bhramgyan parloa- shallowing destructive force of bhramgyan/truth.




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