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Atheist view on Sikhi


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from site: members.tripod.com/ocssa/new_page_4.htm

Dear Ali, please help us. We were very impressed with your website

and agreed that religion in general is no longer needed, we can all

be humanistic and live in peace and harmony. We are in the process of

making a website which will hopefully help to destroy the religious

doctrines which divide humanity. We were doing great with knocking

out Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Baha'i, even Buddhism but

we have gotten very stuck with Sikhism. This religion is (to put it

nicely) "a big pain in the ass" (Please pardon the language) We have

only found one site which tries (very poorly) to argue that even this

religion is not needed, but the argument is irrational and very

unscientific unlike the very rational arguments you use. When we read

the following from your website, we found what you said to be

amazingly interesting:

"Doubt Everything Find Your Own Light."

"Last Words

Dear friend, if you look for meaning in life, don’t look for it in

religions; don’t go from one cult to another or from one guru to the

next. You can expend all your life or look for eternity and will find

nothing but disappointment and disillusionment. Look instead in

service to humanity. You will find “meaning” in your love for other

human beings. You can experience God when you help someone who needs

your help. The only truth that counts is the love that we have for

each other. This is absolute and real. The rest is mirage, fancies of

human imagination and fallacies of our own making." By Ali Sina

Why is this interesting? Because we found this religion of Sikhism to

be in agreement with you! This is why we have a problem. We tried to

look at their holy text (Adi Granth) but didnt find the usual

absurdities we found in the other religious books. In fact its

refreshingly inspiring and very good!? Maybe you can have some better

luck. We tried to visit a couple of websites and got more of a shock.

Did you know that they believed in Democracy, freedom of speech,

choice, expression, freedom of religion, pluralism, human rights,

equality between men and women, equality of all people regardless of

race, religion, caste, creed, status etc. 300 years before the

existance of the USA! Theirs is the only religion which says in their

religious scriptures that women are equal in every respect to men.

They even had women soldiers leading armies in to battle against "you

know who" (The usual suspects - Muslims!) Their history is a proud

one, they fought in both World Wars. Even Hitler praised them for

their bravery and Aryan heritage!

Dear Ali, this religion is hard for us to try and criticise but you

are an expert and may find some faults overlooked by us. In their

holy book, there is a round earth, water is made from chemical

elements, there is even mention of the evoution process, big bang and

life on other planets! This is pretty crazy and amazing stuff, who

would have thought that these New York taxi drivers (There are lots

of Sikh taxi drivers in NY) would have such an amzing faith? We read

up some information of what Bertrand Russell had to say about

Sikhism, this is the man who destroyed Christianity (same applies to

Islam and Judaism) and exposed its absurdities, but even this great

man got stuck when it came to Sikhism! In fact he gave up and said

"that if some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war

of atomic and hydrogen bombs, then the Sikh religion will be the only

means of guiding them.

Russell was asked that he was talking about the third world war, but

isn't this religion capable of guiding mankind before the third world


In reply, Russell said, "Yes, it has the capability, but the Sikhs

have not brought out in the broad daylight, the splendid doctrines of

this religion which has come into existence for the benefit of the

entire mankind. This is their greatest sin and the Sikhs cannot be

freed of it."

Please bear in mind that Bertrand Russell was a great philosopher and

free thinker. We have been trying for weeks now to find a way to

fairly and rationally criticize and find fault with this religion but

have failed. We even found out that there are many people converting

to this religion in the USA and Europe as well as Russia (Mostly well

educated and affluent white people). We tried to find some of their

literature and see what kind of claims they make, but unfortunatley

they have no missionary material as they do not have missionsaries!

People become Sikh by learning usually by chance or by coming in to

contact with them. They are currently the 5th biggest religion in the

world and growing quite fast in the west and Russia.

Funny how these atheists cannot fault atheists-maybe Sikhs should make atheists more aware of Sikhi

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