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Kurbani Video

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that was awesome :cry: :cry: :cry:

this poem explains it all i guess....

As the arrows fly through the air,

Our Saint- Soldier crouches under his sheild.

Although his memories tell a tale of unthinkable animosity towards his people,

He does not regret being a soldier of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

"I have fought many battles," thinks our pious lion, "But none as fierce as this."

Will he die today?


But to die for Guru Gobind Singh Ji is a death only in the temperal world.

"It's so lonely here," says the poet, completely unaware of the hundreds of bodies sprawled out on the ground next to him.

An arrows makes its way towards him and pierces his heart.

As he falls to the ground, he let's out a Jakara

"Bolay So Nihal....Sat Sri Akal!"

And joins his Sikh brothers and sisters.

As the rain falls on their faces,

We see our dead saint with a smile on his lips,

Because now, he shall never be alone.

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