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Sikh Tradition and Varun Devta (Demi-God of Water)

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In the katha below, Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale talks about a nearly extinct Sikh tradition of giving Karah Parshad to Baran (Varun) Devta.

Please start listening after 9:15 min:



Bhul chuk maaf

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Veer Ji i do remember the maryda of Deg Prashad metioned in Baba Harnam Singh Ji's Biography. 

Once, on the eve of the birth of the Khalsa, at Baisakhi celebrations,
parshad was brought into the Guru’s presence in two containers and
placed before Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The hasty preparation by the
attendants meant that the parshad was still hot when placed in front of
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. At the end of the programme, Ardas was
performed and as per the tradition, parshad was offered to Guru Ji so
that it could be consecrated. The hukamnama was read, following
which, the attendants distributed the deg parshad, to the sangat. The
sangat was reciting simran of Satnam-Waheguru and Baba Ji was
standing behind Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji waving the fan (chaur Sahib).
At this time the tenth master Guru Gobind Singh Ji appeared before
Baba Ji and said, ”Bhai Harnam Singh! Today the deg was very hot.
Just look, the attendants can’t even serve it properly with their hands.
How can we have such hot parshad? So in the future, deg should be
prepared with sanctity and allowed to cool down before it is offered for
bhog (consecration or blessing of the parshad by the Guru).” After the
parshad was distributed, Baba Ji told the sangat about the order of the
great Guru. After this incident, Baba Ji would personally check the
vessel and parshad to see if it was too hot, before it was offered for
bhog. If it was too hot, then a fan would be placed over the vessel and
the parshad stirred to cool it down before being offered for consecration.
So, we should always be careful about offering hot deg parshad to Sri
Guru Granth Sahib Ji for bhog and make sure the parshad is warm or
cool before the Ardas and bhog.

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