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Machiaveli and Guru Gobind Singh


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Check this video:

It reminds me of a sakhi from the Bansavalinama wherein Guru Gobind Singh divides Sikhs into four categories, The first at one spectrum on the left you have the the pious Sikhs, and at fourth on the other end you have the corrupt Sikhs who are willing to change and violate the Rahit for their own goals.. The sakhi then concludes, that is is the Sikhs of the fourth category that will bring political triumph to the panth.

Later Sikh history showed that a majority of the Misl leaders and Maharajas were 'corrupt' but still it was them indeed who brought about political triumph to the panth as they were carving out kingdoms...Simply because the game of politics does'nt allow for you to be a nice and decent guy, - everyone else will run you over and eat you.

Interesting video






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The Saints have told us stories of God, taking on certain roles to fight tyrants.

When Prahlaad ji was under torture, then Narsingh ji took a horrific form and destroyed Hiranyakashup's army and Hiranyakashup himself. The means by which Narsingh ji protected Prahlaad ji was to kill Hiranyakashup.

When Sita ji was kidnapped by Ravan. Shri Ram ji waged dharam yudh, righteous war on Ravan, to rescue his wife. He had to kill Ravan to obtain Sita ji.

When Arjun was in battlefield, he thought "is it right to wage war against his own family?". They had done terrible things but they were his family after all. Then Krishan ji said to him that in this moment, it is his duty to fight them. Arjun had to kill his entire family in this battle to set things straight.

The Saints knew that being incapable of destructiveness does not make anyone a good person. A good person is capable of destructiveness, they are dangerous, but they channel this in a way that is for the good of everyone.

Guru Gobind Singh ji was such a person and he wanted the Khalsa to be like that.

PS This is related to negative emotions also. They don't go anywhere.

The Saints feel fear, and sadness, however they channel that energy into their merging with God.

When Saints channel sadness into merging with God, it is known as vairaag.

When Saints channel fear into merging with God, then we get hymns like - Bhou khallan agni tap tao, bhanda Bhav amrit tit dhal. ghadiyai Shabd Sachi taksal. Flame the inner heat with the fear of God, use it to heat the vessel of love of God, then pour into this vessel the timeless state of consciousness. In this way, we mint the True coin.

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