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I am confused about this thing. At nightime I want to do path all night(or atleast try to) in attempts to activate simran to continue 24/7 by engraining it within the subconscious and making use of youth. However, after 1 hour or 2, mind will say go to sleep and wake up at amirtvela and do more simran then. This way I have sleep for school and still maintain amritvela. However, my sleep schedule gets all messed up as a result, as I start determined to try to go all night, but end up sleeping at like 11pm hoping to wake up by 3-4 am with maharaj's kirpa.  Most of the time if I sleep that late, i will wake up at 4, but go back to sleep. I feel that my life is passing away especially youth and I am not doing enough work on the inside. What would the sangat here reccomend in this situation?


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I understand what youre saying

i would do simran or read bani before sleeping and if you want do some after you wake. Then during the day when you have time you can do more.

dont worry about getting every minute because its with gurprasadh you will progress in avasta. Just try to strengthen youre jivan and schedule

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