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  1. It definitely makes you dehydrated. You got to drink considerably more water. also ive seen that it helps me recover after running and lets me run better
  2. Yea bro i feel you but i just remember that maharaj knows everything and controls everything. Also sorry to be rude but a certain type get into this mess too. Gurls need to be equiped spirtually and worldly
  3. Im in California. Yea i get what you mean. Even majbi pakistanis speak a punjabi that has words more honest to the arabic or farsi pronunciation. Yea the bottom line, is to be intuitive and take ppl for what theyre giving you. Most likely theyre include things that seem off
  4. What ive heard form gurmukhs is that in the beginning it takes more abhiyas but when the avasta starts forming then by itself it progresses
  5. Yea theyll be in the middle of discussions, introducing info and sparking debate so they seem to be invested in sikh matters. Yea you cant assume ppl on the internet are what they portray. But i feel like these types have an non-genuine quality that if youre keen on it, it can be a red flag however, what phrases are you talking about? In america we dont have a close knot punjabi culture so loose out on some rural folk culture and rhetoric lol
  6. I havent been feeling that but yea a feeling of relaxation. Like i can lay down without staying alert
  7. Yea it def makes your mouth dry. But i feel like some pain is alleviated. I run so i usually have sore legs and feet.ive been feeling a bit better.
  8. When they troll or infiltrate forums, you can tell by their language and attitude specifically word choice. Something feels off. And theyll sneak in quips like sikh girls like muslims and sikh men aren’t attractive. Also theyll post things asking for advice wherein the scenario theyre a sikh girls going for another non sikh man
  9. Theres loads of fake accounts using the same stories trolling all the sikh forums. Just be careful when replying
  10. Just started. Will update later. Shoud i take them daily or by cycle
  11. I have aswagandha pills that have the root extract and powder in them
  12. Can you take it in pill form
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