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plz help...im lost...


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i dont kno what to do...i keep tryin to stay in chardi kala but i keep feelin like im just gettin worse....i had surgery on my knee and it was horrible but i stayed chardi kala and now im almost 4 months post-op and ive hit rock bottom...i miss doing all my sports an stuff but its not only that...its like...i dont kno what to do and i need help and im tryin to do lots of prayerz n stuff but it doesnt seem to work my grandpa has cancer my other one just died and it seems like someone's sucked all the happiness out of my life...plz help....im lost!


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Penji, please don't feel bad, everyone has low points at times, if we didn't how would we feel that happiness we get when we get back on track with Vaheguru's help?

So please, we are all here for you :) Cheer up!

When I feel down, I listen to my favorite shabads and go to the Gurudwara to sit in silence for a while, empty my mind and just be by myself.

Don't ever feel alone, all your Sikh bro's and sister's are with you, just do Ardas, it's the only solution.

Take care and let us know how you're doing.


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Guest BikramjitSingh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Just to reiterate what Gurpreet Kaur Ji wrote. It's times like these when we truely learn more about life and how Waheguru can be there for us.

I had a similar experience to yours. About 6 years ago I broke my leg playing football. It was what's called a Potts fracture, when both bones in the leg completely break. That was a low time in my life. The doctor told me that in some cases the bones never actually heal again and I would need crutches for the rest of my life. Times like those make you reassess your life and you find out then what is really important to you. I had the support of family and friends.

I know exactly how you feel because it was also difficult for me, a person who was heavily into sports to just sit around doing nothing. The best thing is to be always optimistic. I was in plaster for 2 weeks and then because the break was uneven the bones could not be kept in place by plaster so I had a pin inserted through the bones to join them together. I was off work for 3 months until in healed completely, had three operations in total.

As Gurpreet Kaur wrote, please join in the Sangat both here and in the Gurdwara. There are many Bhajis and Bhainjis willing to listen and give advice as well as support. Also listen to Kirtan, if your don't have any tapes at home or you live far from the Gurdwara there are many Kirtan collections available to listen on the 'net. One of the best is at www.sikhnet.com

Lastly be true to your username.. always remain in Chardi Kala :)



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Waheguru ji tests us in different ways from time to time.

Dujh Daroo Sukh Rog bhiya

Pain/ Suffering is a medicine where as Happiness is an illness.

In times of Dukh, u have to stay in chardi kalla and remember waheguru, those time will pass and happiness will come, and u will be tested again, to see if u remember waheguru in times of happiness.

So without Dukh there is no Sukh, and without Sukh there is no dukh. I know its hard but try to stay in chardi kalla....

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when i am in times of sadness i find it helpful to think about how lucky i m and how thankful i should be...i know its hard not to feel sorry for urself and ur situation, which i know is not the greatest, but try thinking about all the things that you have which others dont....like you have a computer (or acess to one anyway, as u posted this message)...and you have a wide group of ppl available AND WILLING 2 help u online!! im sure if u start thinking about it, you will realize how much u have and maybe u will begin to feel better...anyway feel free to e-mail me and talk about how ur doing!


Chardi kala -- keep in high spirits, girlfriend! 8)


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chardikala_kaur panji please do not give up hope, you have come this far so please do not lose faith now. It is always sad to have loved ones pass away and to feel sad when they/we become ill.

Take note of the above comment written by the paji's and panji, they are wise words. :D

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Remember these words of wisdom as well.

Self Percept (Atam Updesh)

Why are you so engrossed in worries? Why are you afraid of some one? Who may kill you? The soul is immortal; it neither dies nor takes birth.

The present is here and now, the past is irrecoverable and the future will be good. Don't fret over the past and don't be worried about the future. The present is going on.

Why do you cry? What did you lose? When you were born, what did you bring along, which has been lost? What did you produce which has been perished? It is here that you gained and it is here that you lose. The man comes to; and goes from world, empty handed.

What you own today was not yours yesterday and will not be yours tomorrow. It does not and will not belong to anyone. You consider it your own and rejoice. This happiness of possession leads you to utter grief.

Yours is this world. Start from where you feel to; stay where you desire and wind up where you want to. It has no beginning and no end. You don't fear anyone, but yourself. You are the fright and also the frightened.

Change is the truth of life. What you consider as death is life in reality. In a moment a multi-millionaire is turned pauper. Give up the feeling of possession, great & the mean; differentiation of friend & foe. Then all is yours and you for everyone. Your corporeal being is a product of air, water and fire and it merges into the same leaving behind neither blood nor bones. Still yours existence remains the same. Then ponder over what you are.

Wake up! and become the eternal sons of the Almighty. You are the great and unique manifestation of Nature's power. All the divine powers are possessed by you, like a tree hidden in the seed.

In fact you don't fear anybody; you don't have any worry, suspicion, pain or grief. You are His dear ones. Surrender yourself completely to Him.

Always, remember the "Waheguru" (God) to achieve salvation. Let your life be guided by the saying "Whatever God wills, is good". Be content with the will of God. Remember Him both in pleasure & pain.

Compiled by His Holiness Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj

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wow...thanx 2 ALL of u guyz.....responding was VERY kind of you...i'm starting to feel better now...doing paat n stuff....but all of what you guyz wrote was inspiring...i also found it helpful to not only do paat but reading some inspirational sikhi stuff also helped...specially thnx to "SY Moderator" -- thinking about how much i DO have as opposed to what i dont definitely helped!! im so much more grateful now...:)

u guyz rock !! :D <<<see i can smile now :wink:

thnx again! i feel way better

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Penji We are happy bcz u smile......

God always keep u simle...........

God bless u and give u happiness from my credit to u also....

so always be happy......

God is with every one

but ur brohters and sisters are also with u....

plz smile once after reading this :LOL:

and also say Waheguru Satnam

Your Brohter


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