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I dont know if this topic has been discussed before... if yes then guide me to it... coz this topic is very near to my Heart...


During the Khalsa Raj, Hari Singh Nalwa advised Maharaj Ranjit Singh to relinquish power and give it to the Panj Piyare.

Does anyone knows what he meant by this? I always thought that the primary role of the the Panj Piyare is to give Amrit.

However in terms of governance , how does this work ? Are there 5 people in charge who will lead the Khalsa Raj? What kind of structure would there be.

During the time of Banda Singh Bahadhur when he was in charge, did he soley take charge or where there others as well, did he have Panj Piyare involved as well? Was this Banda Singh Bahadhur's model of rule more of an ideal model of Khalsa Raj than Maharaj Ranjit SIngh's.

Can anyone explain the decision making process and structure of having Panj Piyare in charge?

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