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Namdhari Head Thakur Dalip Singh Order their followers to wear Vaddi Kirpan!

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7 hours ago, Jarnail Singh Khalsaa said:

To reduce the Differences Between Akali & Namdharis, Thakur Dalip Singh Order their followers to wear VADI KIRPAN! Are they now part of Sikhs?


What are your thoughts?

Here is the video



My thoughts are that, it is a real pity, that inspite of supposedly being a spiritual leader, he is creating divisions among human beings, instead of making people  "better equal  beings", he is discriminating.

This speaks very little of him, for in His eyes, only purity of mind counts in order to devote and submit ourselves to His Bhaana. Rest is all maya and tightly binding ourselves to the wheel of 84.

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