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'Our People' should get into Law


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I think most here who live in the West (and in India) know how desi parents above all, want their children to become Doctors, or if not then Dentist, Pharmacist, Lawyer, Accountant (or just rich whatever means !)

But, if as a Kaum we want to increase Influence where it directly affects us most, then Law is the way. Many Politicians have a background in Law and it goes hand in hand with Politics.

So having a legal career can lead to an easier transition to becoming a Councillor/MP/Representative (and whatever other positions you North Americans have)

Also, getting into Law is relatively easy compared to Medicine or Dentistry, at least in the UK. But the better jobs are more competitive I think. 

What do you think?

For those less educationally inclinded

Minicabbing/Taxi Driving is probably a good one as well for keeping an eye on people in our community and on 'wrong uns' in others. So, a good position to have . In North Kent in England, e.g. Dartford/Gravesend/Medway Towns , there are many Panjabi/Sikh cab drivers. Around London, there are many of Muslim background. Only thing with driving jobs is that it's not that safe - drivers are at risk from attacks from passengers, especially if racist +/- drunk. I think this was a big problem in America, especially New York. Maybe working up into Trade Union positions would also be good

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