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  1. 12am seems too early its barely the next day. And I’ve heard Amrit Vera is only until 5am
  2. What is your source for this? I thought around 2-4 is the most beneficial time. ?
  3. But strange how incidents like this likely happen every week over ther,me, unfortunately and now it created perfect storm for this whole ‘BLM’ thing Some blacks have been also showing how racist they can be if given the power
  4. What does he say (in one or two sentences) ?
  5. I thought it’s best to avoid as much as possible physical activity post-food as blood is then diverted away from digesting food properly . if anything I’ve read it’s best to exercise before food, and then the food goes into building muscle and energising the exercised cells
  6. Why walk after a meal? Not great for digestion probably better to walk much earlier in the day
  7. I disagree. You cannot rewrite history. Where will it stop? how many people think about the name of the road ‘havelock’ and cared until recently about this ‘BLM’ movement
  8. This site is not busy enough to have so many subsection sikhsangat have reduced theirs and I think you need to merge half of the subsections to make it more attractive to viewers/posters
  9. I am slow! 1to50, Your score : 72.888 Adios~~ the bloom of my youth~~
  10. Just signed petition. We need more to do so! https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-mp-free-jagtar-singh-johal
  11. I have seen audio in Langar hall in UK
  12. It’s an hour long. Can you summarise it? I’ve skimmed through and a lot is filler
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