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Dera-dhar Sants in Punjab are enemies of knowledge

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Waheguru Ji

Interesting anecdote from the life of Baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowal

"A few members of the sangat had told Sant ji that I was within the area and thus he sent for me. I went to see him with some fruits as offerings and paid my respects with Namaskar. I was about to sit down on the floor but he asked me to sit on a chair. He respected the Sadhu form and those of that discipline. As soon as I had sat down he asked me whether I had studied or not. I told him about my schooling & college and that I had read the Guru Granth Sahib. I also told him that whatever else I had knowledge of was through having listened to katha. I explained to him that my knowledge was not complete. Mahapursh said that the Sants of dehra's of the Punjab were the enemies of knowledge. Even Sant Baba Prem Singh ji of Haridwar would say these words. On this basis he offered me the opportunity to join with him. He said he was told by a palmist certain aspects about his life. Amongst them he was told that he had another seven years to live, and since all those other things had turned true, he said it was very likely that the span of his remaining lifetime would also stand. He said that he had given knowledge to many Sadhus and family men, and I should by reading and gaining Shastri & Brahm vidya, serve my country and community. I was told that I should earn respect and make them proud through this way."

Page 27-28

Source: The Society of Saints-- Autobiography of Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkowale

Book found in link below


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