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Educate Punjab Charity

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Waheguru Ji

This charity combines helping people and teaching Gurbani Pathh


Some of their projects

•Chain of free schools
•Sangeet academy 
• Nitnem Lahar

Also, you can sponsor children's education 


EDUCATE PUNJAB PROJECT (runs by GURU NANAK REGISTER CHARITY IN U.K) is a non-governmental organisation that aims to preach the importance of reciting Gurbani and practically living Guru Sahib’s instructions. Alongside this, through career guidance, a heavy emphasis is given on motivating youngsters to study higher education so that we have a nation of academic, professional and religious GurSikhs. With the blessings of ‘Nation Jewel, Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji khalsa khanne wale, in 2008, a humble request (Ardas) was conducted at the Akal Thakht Sahib for the launch of a ‘decade of spiritual renaissance’. Following this Ardas, over 90,000 youngsters have been influenced by GURU NANAK REGISTER CHARITY’s widespread teams across Punjab. 90,000 youngsters have been recorded on our database to have started reciting Guru Granth Sahib Ji within their homes over the last 3 years. Within this huge number, there are many students from poor households. Such students are being provided with scholarships at present to prolong their education.

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