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Microdosing cannabis same as 5 patte di maryada!


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32 minutes ago, shastarSingh said:

Chris, 27, is an NYC-based microdoser who works in marketing for higher education. He said, “Some people go on cigarette breaks, I rip my THC pen a few times. Aside from serving as a much-needed break between screen time at my desk or one of the countless interactions with a client, when done responsibly, a minor rip of my pen can reset my mood and expand my perspective, allowing my focus to flourish.”


When done correctly, microdosing can be a beneficial way to reduce pain or anxiety, improve focus, and remain sharp throughout the workday. Whether you're a lifelong stoner or you're curious about trying cannabis, microdosing at work can help you get stuff done like a boss without the buzz.

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