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  1. What I'm saying is yes that's true. But there's still work to be done. And it's posted in discussions and debates.
  2. I think that is ultimately true between us and Akal Purakh. Now...as the churasi lakh jun marches on and we see Dharam Rai, Chitr, Gupt and the Jamdoots repeatedly....one might still want to act accordingly and just enjoy the warm fuzzy knowing you are unconditionally loved. And ultimately liberated. There is no Arguing with Bhagat Kabir Ji or Gurbani, its just the rest is covered in other Gurbani.
  3. Extremely good post. Anyone considering taking it should consider the above. I still will not be getting it, as it's efficacy is questionable, 75 percent of some outbreaks being vaccinated persons, and for the same reason I don't get the flu shot. I don't get the flu. I also, praise Akal, have not had covid despite working in a hotspot. I worked the entire time through covid and never took any government money to stay home. While you make a strong argument for the practices used for this vaccine, any new vaccine requires longer than we've had to detect long term side effects. We have flu vaccine and boosters every year and still have flu deaths. Immune compromised, or people that want it should get it. People that don't should be left alone.
  4. Oh. I've been hearing that since I was a kid. I had no idea. It always felt like info being passed at a high rate of speed turning into a tone. Sometimes it feels like being syncronized. How does one progress into or past the initial tones?
  5. Well I had collapsed after work like you might remember so I wound having one at the er some three days later. Quick bit on that, I tried for days to go to urgent care instead of er. And the urgent cares said no, we could only give you an ekg really, you have to go to the er. So I do finally. And what do they do for me? An ekg. Sigh. Just for like ten times the price. Thanks urgent care. Not much to tell really about the ekg. The er dr just said it was perfect. I could tell more about how he was looking at it and me than what he said. I should get a copy.
  6. I had an electro cardio gram so good the dr looked at me wide eyed thankfully, but I will look into that. He was nodding approvingly, then I started the Gurmantar mentally and his eyes just went wide. Vaheguru. Who sustains our very life's breath.
  7. I'll look that up Hanji. I always listen to my body and only do what feels good.
  8. Easiest free cardio in the world is work your ass off. Lol. People be miserable work, getting fatter, looking lazy, I'm at the Bhagti Gym doing interval and circuit training breathing Naam. Love walking and running intervals instead of driving too. Hiking.
  9. One dude in the military did shoot himself more than once, but it was twice, and almost impossible to do because if you shoot yourself, you drop the gun, and have to crawl over to it, pick it back up, and shoot again. No way that is happening five times. The consious dissonance of the mind trying to accept Kalyug is strong enough. The confusion of looking around and seeing everything be shit, everyone act like shit. Then you go places like universities and the military expecting these groups to be the ones set apart from the delidri masses and...boom...there you are deeper in kalyug than ever, in fact working for kalyug, surrounded by more hate and ignorance than ever. You thought you were signing up to be a hero, and fight shoulder to shoulder with real men and women for a good cause. Then you realize you sold your life to evil people, to be surrounded by evil people who are worse than any bogiman they told you was the enemy. Your faith in your government, and humanity itself crumbles and many people choose to off themselves rather than put back together the broken pieces of themselves let alone their shattered worldview. I have looked everywhere. The Paanth is the only place of hope. The only thing worth joining, the only thing worth sorting out. Everything else is corrupt in nature or too far gone.
  10. Priceless. Now that is an unbelievable amount of persistence and incompetence rolled into one coverup. There is a lot of actual suicide in the military. Just obviously not this one.
  11. The effect imperialism has had on the surviving members of once kingly peoples from all over the world is profound. Khalsa nation and Folk narion have a lot of healing, and pruning to do as collective peoples.
  12. Last tangent. America passed laws requiring all ak's be made domestically. A Sikh run Santali manufacturer could make a killing. And that could justify again getting those in india who make Santalis out of india. And a Sikh owned warehouse of Santalis that makes a profit is win on every side. Dharam Yudh happens, open the store up and have the Sangat walk through. And we should make them in 7.62mm and 5.65 nato. The thought of beautifully crafted, high end, embellished with Gurbani, Santalis is making me drool. Should have a designer high end custom line, and a mass produced line both.
  13. And we need certain narratives to justify getting work visas for Apne. Like take Sikilgars for example. The visa office asks, why do you need Mr Singh, why cant an american blacksmith do? Well sir we make Purtan Shastars according to the original methods of our ancestors and only these Sikilgars are trained in this art since birth. Training americans in this method would require such costs that it would simply make our business unviable. I simply must have Mr Singh and his family come work for me, my business depends on it. Even if we only broke even on the Shastars after paying a low wage, and they had to eat Langar we could get people out. With Bungas and things, if they couldn't be paid amazingly they could at least have a bunch of overhead eliminated by the Gurudwara etc.
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