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  1. It is further covered throughout the playlist.
  2. Crazy timing. I was just enjoying this free meditation that explains how to manifest things but it's Gursikhi.
  3. Worth watching the whole list repeatedly. However, the third video about 53 min in covers Nehkahlank Avtar of Kaylug and describes what the difference is between Nehkalank and the entirety of the rest of us. I know Sargun Nirgun is confusing especially in a Dharam one could call Panentheistic, but Gurbani repeatedly indicates the status of the Guru Sahiban as being Akal Purakh themself having no blemish, no creation mark never seperated even in appearance.
  4. Having read the forum quietly for a while I suggest the Sangat learn the difference between Advaita and Gursikhi.
  5. Gurbani differentiates the state of Guru Nanak Dev Ji from yours. Like it or not. How'd you get to be so charming?
  6. Sorry Veer Ji. Mispelling on my part maybe. I meant this. The one without a mark. The original. Dan dan Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Nehkalank Avtaar' will be the savior. 'Nehkalank' is also known as 'Kalki I'll find it in the BOS katha and share. I thought the reference would be recognized. Lemme school myself and reshare.
  7. What does Nikalank Avtar mean? Who is Nikalank Avtar in Kalyug?
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