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Massacre in Gurdwara Patshahi 6, Naluchhi (1947)

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Massacre in Gurdwara Patshahi 6, Naluchhi

In October, 1947, Pakistani tribesmen and Pakistani army attacked Kashmir. Sikhs lived in many villages all over the state. In this page, we are remembering a massacre which took place in Gurdwara Patshahi 6, Naluchi (ਨਲੂਛੀ).

Gurdwara Patshahi 6 was built in memory of the sixth Guru, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’s Kashmir tour.

Many Kashmiri Pandits of Muzzaferbad (now in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) region became Sikhs during Gurus’ era. During Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Guruship and later as well, many of them joined the fold of Khalsa.

They were settled down in Naluchi and other nearby villages in Muzzaferabad. When they heard news of Pakistani attack of famous Sikh religious center ‘Dera Gufa’, they prepared themselves to face invaders.

Local Sikhs were given a few weapons by the state government. Under the command of S. Jagtar Singh, S. Saran Singh and Giani Ujagar Singh, around 400 Sikhs took positions to protect the Gurdwara Sahib.

Pakistani army and tribesmen entered Naluchi from two sides and besieged the Gurdwara.

Sikhs had though limited ammunition with them; they fought fearlessly for three days and killed many invaders. On the fourth day, when they had no ammunition left with them, they came out of their positions and drank the cup of martyrdom one by one.



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