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The Mirpur massacre of November 1947: 18,000 Hindu-Sikhs killed

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The Mirpur massacre of November 1947: 18K Hindu-Sikhs killed, when 100 girls in a Arya Samaj hostel jumped into a well

March 23, 2022

The world knows about Auschwitz, the ethnic cleansing in Serbia, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the slaughter of Tutsis in Rwanda. But multiple massacres of Hindus in J&K, took place between 1947-48, are still unreported and forgotten. One such is Mirpur Massacre.

After the independence, Pakistani army launched a massive attack in border areas of Jammu Kashmir; Between Sep’47-Oct’47 multiple Hindu-Sikh populated villages-cities were attacked, looted and burnt.


Suddenly, in late Sep or early Oct’47, entire Muslim population of Mirpur city deserted their home & shops. Before deserting some Muslims warned their Hindu friends of the upcoming attacks by Pakistanis.

But Hindus-Sikhs were confident that nothing would happen.


Around 25 thousand Hindus-Sikhs were in the city, however due to the influx of Hindus-Sikhs refugees from adjoining small towns & villages of the Mirpur district, the populations swelled up to 40 thousand.

1000s of refugees were sheltered in Gurdwaras, Dharamshals, Temples etc.


Mirpur city was being guarded by 800 soldiers of J&K forces of which 50% were Muslims. Those Muslim soldiers deserted the posts with their arms & ammunition joined the raiding Paki Army.

Up to 16 Nov’47 the remaining J&K soldiers were keeping Paki raiders away.

“By the times Indian army started march towards Mirpur from Jhangad and from 10 to 14 Nov and captured area upto 15 kms and were advancing towards Mirpur, they were stopped.”- My Jammu & Kashmir by Dharam Mitter Gupta “Mirpuri”.


Sheikh Abdullah prevented Indian Army from marching ahead.

Hindu Mahasabha MLA R.C. Sadavarti with other political leaders met Sheikh Abdullah multiple times to save Mirpur, but he refused to send reinforcements.

Sadavarti with MC Mahajan also visited Delhi to meet Nehru, but he refused to meet the delegation except Mahajan.

On 23rd of Nov’ 47 a major attack was carried out by the enemy from the main eastern gate and was repulsed by the Mirpuri youth in hand to hand fight.

Pakistanis launched a fresh attack on 24th morning; and entered the city and set the city on fire, causing chaos and turmoil.

At the end of day 18000 people were slaughtered in most barbaric way of the human history by Pakistani invaders.

An Arya Samaj school hostel had some 100 girl students then. All tied their dupattas on their head, jump into the well to save themselves from rape.

Pakistani army caught around 5K Hindu-Sikh girls. Many of these were raped, tortured and later sold in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Arab countries. Meanwhile, the runaway Muslims returned to Mirpur. They all knew how much goods & gold kept lying in which house exactly.

Listen to Shyam Sunder, PoJK Displaced Victim, whose mother survived Mirpur massacre



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