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UK Labour “appalling treatment” of Sikh community figure set to be revealed

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Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

https://www.sikhpa.com/uk-labour-appalling-treatment-of-sikh-community-figure-set-to-be-revealed/#:~:text=Hola Mohalla-,UK Labour “appalling treatment” of Sikh community figure set to be revealed,-October 17%2C 2022


UK Labour “appalling treatment” of Sikh community figure set to be revealed

October 17, 2022/in News /

A respected Sikh community figure is set to “make public his appalling treatment” by UK Labour which he has reported to the police, after he was not included on a list for life peerages

Dabinderjit Singh spent over 33 years at the National Audit Office and much in a role equivalent to a senior civil servant whilst playing an important role in Govt-Sikh relations for decades, as well as working within the Sikh community on issues from kakkar (the Ks of the Sikh Amritdhari [initiated] identity) rights to political prisoner support. As such, for years it was expected he would be given a place in the House of Lords via the Labour Party, a move which Sikh Federation UK say “the Queen approved” for 22nd December 2020.

As reported by leading UK journalists, the fact Dabinderjit Singh was left off the list at the end of 2020 caused shock in various political circles.

This was linked to Dabinderjit Singh’s advocation for the Sikh right to pursue a free homeland in India (Khalistan), with it believed to be the reason Indian nationalist groups have pushed Labour to not offer him a peerage, despite him having the perfect credentials for such a position. Dabinderjit Singh has worked closely with groups like the Sikh Federation UK, who have long reflected Sikh community support for a free homeland in UK political spaces. Indian nationalist and Hindutva (Hindu extremist) groups which are entwined within the Indian political system have long – often violently – attempted to stem any support for Sikh freedoms in India. This position has now become prominent among Indian groups in the UK too, leading to concerns about the Hindutva influence in UK politics. Labour’s actions have raised concerns about the influence on them from Indian nationalist and Hindutva groups.










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