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maryada and helful tips for Kes (hair) and Kangha (comb)


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I was looking for some helpful tips or information from the sangat about below-mentioned questions. Especially the inputs from sangat that keeps Kes (hair) and Kangha (wooden comb) maryada, and hence may have faced these issues, are especially welcome.

1. I think amritdhari sikhs are required to keep Kangha on them at all times. How do you manage that at night while sleeping. I have tried to keep Kangha in parna (small turban) but it tends to slip away when I am sleeping (i am not amritdhari yet but wanted to keep as much maryada as I can). How about when you are washing your hair?

2. What should be done about the hairs that break away after washing them. I have heard that a lot of people burn them respectfully instead of throwing in garbage. How do you manage that in western-styled homes with fire alarms. Any helpful information is welcome. Thanks very much and apologies for all inadvertent mistakes.

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