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The Mighty Sikhs(BOOK) The Sikhs who reversed the tide of history


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This book documents the achievements of Sikhs in all fields.  The 400 page book is freely available to download 


The Mighty Sikhs

The Sikhs who reversed  the tide of history 

A pictorial document on Sikh glory 

By Pritpal Singh Tuli




The First Freedom Fighter of India

First Ever Risaldar Major of Indian Army

When the British Parliament Rose in Honour of the Sikhs 
 A Bloody Tale of 1914

The Scholar who dared Swami Dayanand

The Highest Decorated and Celebrated Battalion

The Highest Decorated and Celebrated Soldier

The Highest Decorated and Celebrated Fighter Pilot

The Highest Decorated and Celebrated Athlete

The Sole Freedom Fighter from Islands

 Founder and Creator of Azad Hind Fauz (I.N.A.)

 An Engineer to Shape the Boundaries of India in the East

 A Master to Shape the Boundaries of India in 1947

The Most Successful Foreign Minister India had so far

 Most Learned, Decorated and Celebrated Prime Minister 

The Best Oxford Economist of His Generation

The Legendary Hero of 1965 War

Hero of Bangladesh

 The First Ever Marshal of Indian Air Force

 Leader of India's First Republic Day Parade

The General to Train Iraq Army

The First Olympian of India

The First Ever Woman  Athlete to Win a Gold Medal

 The First Ever Indian Scientist on Antarctica

 The First Ever Indian Woman on Antarctica

The First Civilian Sky Diver of India

The First Woman Sky Diver of India

The Commander of India's First Successful Expedition to Mount Everest

The First Conqueror of Mount Everest from Chinese Side

The Sole to Climb Mt. Everest & to Land on Antarctica as well

A Sikh Atop Mount Everest

The Greatest Rescuer in Mining

The Sole IAF Officer Recipient of PVC

 IAF Officer Recipient of Two Medals in a Single Parade 

The Second World Record of Flying on the Highest Altitude 

 The Third World Record of Flying on the Highest Altitude

A Tale of Valour in the Sky

 The Sole Asian Judge Felicitated by the IBA

The First Ever Judge from Ethnic Minority Communities in England

The First Indian Nominated to the Bench of any Apex Court outside India

 Father of Fibre Optics Who Bent Light

"An Indian Ozone Scientist in US

 An All Time Great in International Cricket

 The First Ever Indian to take a Hat-Trick in Test Cricket

 England's Lethal Weapon in Cricket

 The Only Indian to Represent India in Hockey in Four Consecutive Olympics

Winner of First Champions Challenge Trophy

Winner of First and Last World Hockey Cup

 The Highest Hockey Scorer in the World

 One of the Best Deep Defenders of International Hockey

 The Greatest Olympian Icon of India

When Sikhs Represented Three Continents in Hockey

The Best Footballer of Asia and Lion of Bengalis

The Best Triple Jumper Country has ever produced

 The First Ever TT National Champion from Northern India and Delhi

The Only Indian to Hold Four National Records in Four Different Sports

The Only Indian to Hold Four National Records in Four Different Weight Categories

 The Finest Motor-Rally Driver in the World

 An Outstanding Asian Athlete

An Ageless Wonder and an Ubeatable Energetic Spirit

 A World Champion of Cycling

A Two Times Asian Games Shot Put Champion

 A Star Performer in Shot Put

 A World Record Setter in Veteran Athletic Meets

The Most High Profile Traffic Police Cop

 Father of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

 An International Neurologist having Many Firsts of Asia

 A Surgeon of Many Firsts

The First and the Last Indian Connection with Islands

 A Diplomat having Longest Period as Spokesman of MEA

 A Chief of Protocol (MEA) having Record Foreign Dignitaries

 A Diplomat to Influence US Congress in favour of India

The Only Indian - International Expert on Disaster Management

A Genius in Miniature Art

The First Indian Recipient of Malaysian Civilian Award

 The Best Glider Pilot of North India

A King of the World of Fashion

Mr. Record

A Baba - The Protector of the Border

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