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Facts bout Countries


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Hello Friends here are some hard facts bout some countries which ensurely increase UR GK have a reading on these ones....

Facts about countries

Facts about America:

* Americans eat 45000 burgers per minute.

* Tomato Ketchup was once used as medicine in the

United States. Was

sold as "Dr.Miles Compound Extract of Tomato".

Facts about South America:

* Amazon, a gigantic system of rivers and forests,

supplies 1/5th of the

world's oxygen. Now that's the reason why these

forests should be


* La paz, the capital city of Bolivia, is the world's



* Brazil is the only country to have played in every

World Cup Soccer


Facts about India:

* The largest employer in the world is the Indian

Railways, employing

over one million people.

* "Shankar's International Doll Museum" has one of the

largest collections of costume dolls in the world.

Each doll is handcrafted.

* Over 800 full-length feature films are produced

every year in 14 languages. This amounts to more than2 films being produced every day.

Facts about Italy:

* Vatican City is the smallest city in the world. And

the only country

within a country.

* Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa on a piece

of pinewood in


* The youngest Pope was 11 years old.

* Napolean was not born in France. He was born in a

small island named

Corsica. But he was born on the day when France gained

control over

Corsica from Italy. So he was born in France.


* Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors.

Facts about France:

* The world's first landing field for UFOs was

installed in Ares, France

on 15th August 1976.

* The actual height of the Eiffel Tower is 984 feet.

But it grows by 6

inches in summer, as metal expands. And shrinks back

to normal in the

winter, as metal contracts.

* All good things come to an end....but so fast?? King

Louis XIX ruled

France for a total of fifteen minutes.

Facts about England:

* Big Ben is actually the name of the largest bell

inside the clock

tower, and not the clock.

* In England in 1880s, "pants" was considered to be a

dirty word.

* The tower of London has served as a fortress, a

prison, a place of

worship, an arsenal, the Royal Mint, the original

London zoo, the Royal

Armories, the Record office, and as the residence of

kings and queens.

* The Buckingham Palace, home to the Royal family, has

602 rooms.

Facts about Australia:

* The Aborigines were the first to migrate to

Australia from Asia about

40,000 years ago.

* A male Kangaroo is called a "boomer", and a female

kangaroo is called

a "flyer".

* McDonalds Olympic Restaurants served nearly 1.5

million sandwiches,

188 tonnes of Potatoes and 12000 kilos of lettuce to

athletes, coaches,

officials and spectators during the Sydney Olympics


Facts about New Zealand:

* One of the hills in the North Island, New Zealand is





* The Kea Bird lives in New Zealand and likes to eat

the rubber around

the car windows.

* Kiwis, found only in the New Zealand, have whiskers

for feeling in the


Facts about Middle East:

* Camel is the ship of the desert. But if you were to

shave a camel, it

would die in the desert.

* Experts believe that we have already used 1/3rd of

the world's supply

of petrol. And it will be totally exhausted by 2050.

* Perfumes, an integral part of the Arabs, are

traditionally classified

in three types: Attar, Bukhoor and Wax Sachet.

* The Arabian Stallion is the oldest pure-bred horse

in the world. The

most famous Arab horses are known as the "Bedouin


* The Iranians were among the first carpet-weavers.

Facts about China:

* In the underground city in China, there are

factories, warehouses,

shops, hotels, theatres, roller skating rinks and

clinics. The only

thing u do not get is sunshine.

* The Great Wall of China is 1500 miles long and can

be seen from outer


* The tooth brush was invented in China in 1498.

Facts about Africa:

* A Hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 ft

tall child

inside. Nothing to worry, though....they are


* The animals believe that the white colour means

"Danger" or "Caution".

So when on an African Safari, its advisable not to

wear white, as it may

scare away animals.

Facts about North Pole:

* Penguin is the only BIRD that can swim, but not fly.

* Did u always think that the Polar Bear's fur is

white? Well, u were

wrong! Its actually clear. It appears white because it

reflects the


* The word Eskimo means "eater of raw flesh".

* There are more than 100 words for "ice" in the

language of the


* For a cool summer vacation, check in at "The Ice

Hotel" in Swedish

Lapland. This hotel is a large Igloo. and includes a

restaurant, a

cinema and a wedding chappel.

* An average iceberg weighs 20,000,000 tonnes.

Facts about Egypt:

* To look more attractive, the Egyptian women invented

the "Lip-stick".

* 2 million stone blocks were used to build a pyramid.

And each weighed more than a school bus.

* Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stone.

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Facts about New Zealand:

* One of the hills in the North Island, New Zealand is





* The Kea Bird lives in New Zealand and likes to eat

the rubber around

the car windows.

* Kiwis, found only in the New Zealand, have whiskers

for feeling in the


Yeeeeaaahhh! datz ma home man NZ yeaaah Kiwiz rock..woooooohoooo 8) Go Kiwiz...da coolest wingless birdzz

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