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  1. i ws told dat i wud be married twice too.. to be honest i dnt even wana marry hahaha...i js wana do a lil bit of work and put all my other time into sewa, simran and path...marryin is gna make me go nuts, i believe, u gota cook for evry1, clean alot more, and do da laundry of all ur family memebers, aye n dat realy sucks... :x all of dat stuff takes alot of time...i need time for sikhi... n if i ws to hav kids im gna have to work to earn enuf to fulfill dere needs, and man if im single i cud work part time each day and da rest of da time i cud put into doin sikhi stuff...hehe wata plan aye...
  2. I heard dis in Katha. wen Guru ji made khalsa, He didnt jus want his khalsa to be sants, he wanted dem to be sants and strong warriors. He wanted His sikhs to have bhagti and shakti. wen da sarbloh khanda rubs against tha sarbloh bata it creates som kina energy (i suppose dis is where 'shakti' comez from), this shakti goes into the amrit which is prepared by reciting of da punj baniyaz. so yep dis is all i kno. hope it makes sense, cuz i gota tendency to say things wrong at times.
  3. yeh i agree wid neha, get over it pplz...its gettin to friken complicated now...sheesh!
  4. i lack patience. at times, i get irritated by 'som' ppl easily which kina wrecks my day, cuz it affects my mind very deeply. so i guess datz one big prob i have. um...les see...wha else..um, well somtimes i have a prob of takin care of amritvela, but dis year Godz helpin me wid dat one...although my first stated problem is wat i consider da 'biggest' compared to findn it hard to wake up at amritvela!
  5. oh um dey'll help Neo recognise da colour/s he views, by magnifying tha fine colour particles present in da colour sample, so dis way Neo wud surly recognise da colour he is viewing as da 'correct' colour he is viewing, IS. 8)
  6. wen we meditate, at da begining of da meditation stage, we have alot of thoughts, crazy ones too man! but if u try to stop those thoughts and think dat by doin dis ull b able to meditate beta dan u r soo wrong. u shud jst let those thoughts fly by...dis is how it works. our minds r so darkened wid ignorance, and as we step onto da path of meditation and meditate, many things tie us down, our thoughts especially. now u dnt need to worry. here is how it works. our minds r like a dusty surface, on which da dirt of kam, krodh, moh, ahankar and lobh have taken shelter. jst like we mop or clea
  7. so really i dnt get it? r u guys sayin dat its wrong to get to know som1 b4 u jump in to marry dem????? well if u do, den koo, i myself dont agree wid dat. so r u sayin dat one SHUDNT get to know da person b4 dey marry jst cuz u think dat da friendship cud make da ppl involeved develop feels fo each otha? man dis is getin confusing? so if uzz know beta den tell us kindly whether or not love marriage is WRONG OR NOT??????????????? and pls dnt start telln abt wat kinda bond a man and woman share and wateva dats all abt...cuz its getinn pretty confusing and goin off topic now. newayz i
  8. to me a love marriage means, dat u know da person pretty well b4 marraige and dat u are sure dat dis is da person fo u. love is a special thing and subtle too. we love God, our parents, our friends and even our dog (wen i had one, i did)...see love comes in all shapes and colours, but bottom line, its LOVE. so YES, u CAN love som1 without TOUCHING dem... i dnt see nething wrong in dat..and if ne1 does, den deyr VERY closed minded, and dey r only tryin to bring religion down to dere level of thinkin...guys think abt it. thats all i gota say, dnt make dis topic of love marriage anotha mess and s
  9. as u meditate each day like do naam simran, ur mind will slowly become neutral of thoughts...jst give it time, it'll happen fo sho
  10. Neo, i hav to say dis to u today, dat ur a very good person fo helpin som1 out like dat...maybe if it wer som1 else in ur place, dey wouldnt have done wat u did..so im happy to say dat im so proud of u today fo doin wat u did, kinda makes me cry : poor old man, look at Wahegurus play guys, its so sad, dis realy brings tears in my eyes :cry: im so sad..
  11. veer datz gona be hard, na i think ill jst leave it like dat
  12. Wahegurujikakhalsa Wahegurujikifateh hey moderators, where r all da pics i had in my personal gallery, i jst cheked and its got notin in dere? wat did uzz do??????? :evil: Wahegurujikakhalsa Wahegurujikifateh
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